Guest Authors with E-junkie bring helpful insights, tips, tricks and how-to articles for small business owners, authors, bloggers or anyone who aspires to step in to eCommerce. We thank these wonderful authors for their invaluable contributions.
Adrinne Erin
Adrienne Erin is an aspiring novelist, freelance writer, and internet marketer at WebpageFX SEO. She loves sharing what she has learned on her blog and in her contributions to others' blogs.

Articles by Adrienne Erin
Andrew Rondeau
Andrew is a full-time Internet Marketing Specialist and blogger from the UK. At his blog he shares all his knowledge and experience on how to make a blog.

Articles by Andrew Rondeau
Emily Green
Emily Green is a freelance writer with more than 6 years professional experience covering everything from tech to beauty. She has written more than a 1,000 articles on the Web. Connect with her on Twitter @emgreen85.

Articles by Emily Green
Elise Lévêque
Elise Lévêque is a a bubbly freelance writer who left her beloved Paris after falling for the quirkiness of Great Britain. She loves everything social media and currently work on different projects for Gkbcinc, a creative media and publishing company.

Articles by Elise Lévêque
Jeff K. Gross
Jeff has been blogging since 2007 & contributing on many websites since that time. He is a professional internet marketing and blogging consultant. Jeff is also co-owner of nPromote, SEO company from Long Island.

Articles by Jeff Gross
Jessica Sanders
Jessica Sanders is an avid small business writer touching on topics from social media to marketing. She writes for the b2b lead generation resource, Resource Nation.

Articles by Jessica Sanders
Kenneth Vogt
Kenneth Vogt helps entrepreneurial men with a big purpose cut through the fog to change the world. Sign up for free updates of true clarity at Vera Claritas. If you prefer your clarity in 140 character doses, follow Kenneth on Twitter.

Articles by Kenneth Vogt

Monique Jones
Monique Jones is an Engineer who deals with telephone systems. Besides being an Engineer, she also works as a part time writer. She helps her colleagues and other people about their communication issues, giving effective solutions to address their needs.

Articles by Monique
Murray Lunn
Murray Lunn is a freelance writer specializing in content marketing for online businesses; his work includes business blogging, product development, and brand development.

Articles by Murray
Rob Toledo
Rob Toledo is a Seattleite who matches the usual stereotypes. Loves coffee, the rain, and prefers dogs to cats. When not rambling about marketing and web design, he can be found in the mountains either climbing or hiking.

Articles by Rob Toledo
Yuwanda Black
Yuwanda Black heads New Media Words, an SEO writing company. She's been a freelancer since 1993, and has written and self-published over 50 ebooks. She's taught hundreds of others how to start successful freelance writing careers. She blogs about freelancing at InkwellEditorial.com.

Articles by Yuwanda Black