At E-junkie.info, we feature numerous merchants, business ideas, products, artists, bloggers, authors, websites and several projects. This has helped us in building relationships with many creative, talented and inspiring people. We would like to dedicate this page to all those wonderful people around the web by sharing few links where they have talked about E-junkie.info or shared our articles and have helped us in reaching out to new people.

Revision Fairy

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Firepole Marketing
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Geeky Stuffs
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Network Solutions
"Written in a fun, casual style, this blog has something for everyone, including inspirational entrepreneurial stories, how-to info for bloggers, and useful (sometimes brutal) product reviews. Plus e-junkie.info keeps you up-to-date on the latest news relevant to ecommerce entrepreneurs and social media hounds. Just for kicks, take a look at their e-Scientist page where e-junkie’s “scientists” discover the craziest things found online, like a portrait of Jimi Hendrix made from 5,000 guitar picks."