Since E-junkie's inception, our mission has been to lower the barriers to online selling. As e-commerce has grown more diverse and competitive, it occurred to us that merely providing good technology, such as our copy-paste E-junkie shopping cart, good customer service, and tech support aren't by themselves sufficient to meet our mission fully.

We realize people will also benefit from information. This blog provides the tips and insights sellers can use to realize their e-commerce goals.

Caroline Jackson is the editor of the e-junkie blog. She loves interviewing artists, bloggers, and merchants, and feverishly seeks out opportunities and insights that will benefit all sellers. She also handles marketing (a monumental responsibility) and promotion of our blog. 

Caroline also seeks out e-junkie Guest Authors to bring their invaluable insights, tips, tricks and how-to articles for small business owners, authors, bloggers or anyone who aspires to step in to e-commerce. By combining their experiences, ideas, and expertise, they not only motivate small business owners, but also help them learn and understand the intricacies of running a business online.