Since E-junkie's inception, our mission has been to lower the barriers to online selling. As E-commerce has grown more diverse and competitive, it occurred to us that merely providing good technology, such as our copy-paste E-junkie shopping cart, along with good customer service and tech support aren't by themselves sufficient to meet our mission fully.

People will also benefit from information to help them realize commercial opportunities online, as a complement to our technology that can help take advantage of those opportunities.

We started this blog to provide such information to anyone who is selling online or has ever considered doing so.

Akriti Joshi is the author and marketing ninja who enjoys interviewing artists, bloggers and merchants. Other than experimenting in our E-scientist lab, she handles marketing (a monumental responsibility) and promotion of our blog. She writes posts about fun, wacky and take-it-easy things that will not only make you ponder but also tickle your creative side.

Guest Authors with E-junkie bring invaluable insights, tips, tricks and how-to articles for small business owners, authors, bloggers or anyone who aspires to step in to eCommerce. By combining their experiences, ideas, and expertise, they not only motivate small business owners, but also help them learn and understand the intricacies of running a business online. If you'd like to join our team of guest authors, you can contact us here.