There is no doubt that millions of people are earning money from the internet, some more than others, you may have used some tried and tested methods such as paid surveys, consumer data is big money to large corporations, they want to know what people really think. Writing is not much different, people like to read content on subjects that interest them, businesses need content that helps to sell their products and shine a good light on their company.

For many who are looking to make extra money online writing has become a trustworthy solution, think about the millions of blogs, websites and email newsletters companies send out, that content has to come from somewhere.. Where business owners just don't have the time or expertise they pay for individuals to write content for them. Of course anybody with a good level of grammar and spelling can write on any subject that interests them and get paid for it, you may be somebody with a particular skill for selling things to people, in which case business owners pay big bucks for the right press release that gets those results.

Whatever your interest or preference there are literally 1000's of ways that you can earn extra money online writing, you may already be using some but in this article I hope to give you some ideas that you may not have seen before, and hopefully earn you some extra money in the process.

1. Wizzley – Wizzley is a site that quite simply allows people to "share their passions" and expertise, if you have something you are passionate about and can write about you can earn money through Wizzley. The site displays Google AdSense ads on the articles and gives you a cut of the revenue, they also allow you to promote links to Amazon products, if customers make a purchase then you get a cut of the sale.

The benefits to using Wizzley are that you don't have the trouble of managing your own website,

2. Sponsored Reviews – Anyone can create an online blog but not everyone can make money from it, it's something you have to stick at, something that you have to put passion and care into, fortunately sponsored reviews brings the advertisers straight to you. There are plenty of business owners around looking to pay bloggers to write about their products and brands, get paid per review you write, not per click that someone might make on your ads or how many people view the article.

A great alternative is: http://www.reviewme.com

3. Constant content – This is a site that allows writers to sell their content to multiple buyers on different subjects, charge for usage, a unique version of the article or full usage so that no other buyers can use the content. Once you have built up your profile you can also apply to private jobs on the site too.

4. Yahoo contributor network – If you want to write for a highly trusted brand, build up your portfolio, get exposure and earn at the same time the Yahoo contributor network is a great place to start. You are given daily assignments to write about, payments range from $2-$15 and are paid via PayPal, the content that you write is distributed among a range of Yahoo owned sites including Yahoo! News, shopping, sports and so on. Some of the assignments even offer upfront payment which is great!

5. Triond – Triond is a well established writing marketplace that allows writers to write content on 1000's of topics and the articles are then published on other popular sites, writers earn 50% of the advertising revenue generated from each of their articles, of course the more you write the more you can earn, the earnings are residual so you earn for the duration that the article is published.

6. Squidoo – One of the biggest sites around, your content is displayed on the Squidoo site and then you make money from any sales/clicks made to products you promote within your articles, Squidoo take 50%. The site is very easy to get started with and has a huge pool of traffic so with the right content you could certainly be earning.. Furthermore website owners often pay top dollar for high quality Squidoo articles that link to their websites. The site has a lot of "modules" that you can add to your articles such as video, embedding amazon products, polls and more.

7. Hubpages – Again Hubpages is like Squidoo where users write "hubs" which are published onto the site, relating ads are then displayed on the site and you are given a cut of the revenue they generate. With minimum pay-outs of $100 for Google Adsense or $50 for the Hubpage ad program.

8. Elance – Elance is a freelance marketplace where individuals and business owners put up jobs and then users can apply with their bid of what they are prepared to earn for the task. There are regularly new people looking for writers for a variety of purposes, editing, proofreading, website content, articles, eBooks, short stories and much more. It is certainly worth registering as you can earn much quicker than some of the sites listed above.

9. Kindle direct publishing – Have you ever considered writing your own book? It's something that many of us dream of but very few ever realize, with the rise in popularity of e-readers and self-publishing becoming more of a reality. eBooks come in all shapes and sizes, they could be on any topic you choose, something you're really passionate about, it could be a full sized novella or a simple guide to something. Even if you do sell it for $0.99 imagine how much you could make from 1000 sales of your book. Or from a chart topping book.. The earnings are residual as well so you will earn for as long as your book is sold on the e-store.

Earning more on the side with online writing

Most of the people who make a living on the internet have more than one stream of revenue, one of the most popular methods is completing paid surveys. Although there is potential to earn a full time income from writing online it may take time for you to build up a reputation and start to gain more regular work. In the meantime if you are looking for a supplement to boost your writing income paid surveys can be a quick and easy solution.

Some great places to start learning about paid surveys and how to make the most of them are:

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