When it comes to looking for information on the internet Google is everyone's #1 choice and with 66.9% (ComScore October 2013) market share Google has also been #1 search engine provider for years now.

The best thing about Google that makes it the best is that's Google and its related service are never boring, Google keeps on making changes to its existing and constantly rolling out new features. This is one reason why there is no standard SERP (Search Engine Result Page) for anyone.

I recently came across an interesting infographic by VirtualHosting that talks about Google's SERPs and other related things. Have a look:

How Google’s Design is Dictated by Dollars [Infographic] by <a onclick=

Page One Dominates

When it comes to traffic, according to Chitika the page one of any website recives the most search traffic that is 95%.

Paid Ads and SERPs

According to GroupM and Nielsen, paid search accounts recieve only 6% of the total clicks from search engines. 53% of women are more likely to click on paid search results in comparison to males.

Local Results and SERPs

Google tailors its results according the person's location.

The breakdown of today's local SERP is:
14% Navigation bar
30% The Carousel
30% Adwords
15% Map powered by local
4% Google owned Zagat listing
7% Organic results

This 7% is only left for small business owners.

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