Two sisters Jill Watt and Lorna Watt collaborated to create an amazing "Yarnbomb Squid Tree" in San Mateo, California. The sisters covered a huge Magnolia tree using four miles long blue yarn to make it look like a giant squid.

This is the biggest creation for the sister duo, a giant squid yarnbomb complete with trapped crochet fish, knitted and installed in 20 hours and 14 hours, respectively in 91°F.

"Two of my aims as Artist in Residence for Downtown San Mateo are to beautify the area and to bring the community together around art. It's easy to transform an object for a nice, busy street. It's harder to transform not only an object but a downtrodden area. I hoped to turn a corner full of drunk idlers and urinators into one where families and children can linger and play, hopefully forcing the idlers to find a different corner", shared Lorna on her blog.

As a result of working on creating this yarnbomb, the area around the tree has totally changed. Now people stop by and click pictures of the installation. In fact, many people have also thanked the sisters for doing their bit in improving the neighborhood.

Scroll down to checkout the Yarnbomb Squid Tree below:

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