Blogging and social media are two things that go hand in hand. Believe it or not these two things are here to stay and stay for long. With content marketing also coming in the picture, there's no doubt that blogging has gone to a totally different realm.

Another new trend that you must look out for is 'social media curation'.

Social media curation has no bookish defination but going by what people think of it - it is the process of collecting, filtering and selecting information and providing commentary with a perspective on an article.

Wondering, why curate?

People on the internet are looking for information so that they can stay up-to-date with everything happening around them and in case you want your blog/site to become the number one stop for people looking for these curious people, then start curating!

There are n-number of curation sites and tools like Scoop.it, Pinterest, Quartz and more that you can follow or subscribe-to to stay synced with everyone and everything happening around us. Most of us are already using tools like Pinterest and visiting sites like Scoop.it and Digg, hunting for content online. To help our readers and save them the time of Googling out more of such sites, we have handpicked 5 content curation sites:

Happy reading!

1. Bundlr 

Bookmark and discover amazing content with Bundlr.

You can select whatever content is relevant to you, be it photos, videos, tweets, presentations or articles and share them with everyone.

2. Paper.il

Paper.li helps you curate and publish a newspaper like document with content related to your favorite topic. Once you set up the curation, it would happen automatically.

3. Pearltrees

Pearltrees lets you collect, organize and share everything you like on the web.

4. Shareist 

Shareist lets you create your own custom curation website. Discover, create, organize and share content (as well as schedule them) that matters to their readers.

5. Storify

Storify lets you create stories using social media. In short, it enables you to curate social networks to build social stories. You can collect the best photos, video, tweets, etc. and publish them as simple stories that can be embedded anywhere.

Well, that's it for this list! Did we miss out your favorite tool in this list? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Stay tuned for more of these lists from E-junkie.

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