While most of us struggle with getting started with social media marketing when it comes to promoting our business/brands, there are a few of us that master this one tough form of marketing.

If you ask the experts how they do it, they'll come up with all sorts of explanations and tips but not their actual strategy and why would they, if they'll go around telling every other man how they do it then they obviously won't be the experts anymore. Moreover, to become so they have struggled day and night, planning and working and it's their hard work that got has them there. However, if you want to learn from experts there is still a way and that is following them on various social media networks. Trust me it helps! You get to learn a lot of things, you stay up-to-date with all the latest trends, you get to see how are they doing what they do the best and the best thing you get a chance to connect with them personally.

Starting with Facebook, you can keep a regular check on how they do it, follow them and like them on Facebook. Make sure to add them to your interest lists on Facebook. To help you out better we thought of compiling a list of 8 must-follow Facebook pages that every social media marketer should or must follow. These 8 individuals and businesses are the veterans of the field of social media, so why not learn from the best.

Happy viewing!

1. Amy Porterfield

We hope that you really find this list helpful and kick-start or give a new direction to your social media journey. Just make sure that you are following these 8 pages on Facebook.

In case we missed out your favorite Facebook Page in this list then do leave us its name in the comment section below.

Stay tuned for the Twitter must-follow list.

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