When it comes to social media marketing, everyone wants to deliver the best and to achieve that we keep on researching, learning, experimenting and coming up with new ideas. You bookmark blogs, pages, websites, follow the experts and monitor your competition's online presence, just to do your job.

The social media world is racing forward, what's in today, might be out tomorrow. Keeping up to it is not an easy task.

For a small business owner who doesn't has the luxury of lots of staff, tools are of great help. Not only do they save you money, they also save you the time - help you create quality content, engage your followers and what not in an easy and smooth manner. Here is a list of 9 must-have social media tools that will help you in making the most out of your social media marketing.

1. Lucky Orange

Lucky Orange optimizes your website for better conversions. It tells you who is visiting your website, what pages are they visiting, where are they clicking, their geographic location and the duration of their visit. It also interacts with them in real time.

The best thing about Lucky Orange is that it also allows you record individual sessions of users browsing your website so that you can see where are they clicking and what are they exactly doing on there.

2. KnowEm

When you have your website all set up the next step is to jump on the social media wagon so you create an account on different social networking website. But before you do that you need to be sure if your business' name is available on the different social networks that you have decided to choose. Meet KnowEM!

KnowEm saves you the time and instantly searches over 550 social networks checking if the name you are looking for is available.

3. Inkybee

As a newbie, it's very important for you to be aware of the blogs of your niche. Inkybee helps you find all the relevant blogs of your niche.

4. WordPress SEO

WordPress SEO Plugin helps you optimize your blog posts for search engines like Google. All that you have to do is select a keyword(s) within the post that you want to focus on and this plugin gives you guidelines on what you need to do to appear higher in search results.

5. Broken Link Checker

Broken links on your website are a turn-off for anyone who visits your website. Broken Link Checker is a free tool that lets you track all the broken links on your website.

6. SqueezeCMM

It's very important for you to keep a tab on the links that you are circulating around through social networking websites, emails and newsletter. SqueezeCMM helps you create custom links that you can circulate across social media as well as track the traffic generated from those links.

7. Open Site Explorer

If you want your blog posts to appear high in search results, you must have a high domain/page authority.

The Open Site Explorer form Moz (formerly known as SEOMoz) helps you check your domain/page authority.

8. PicMonkey

PicMonkey is a free online photo editing too that allows you to add text to the images that you use for website, blog post and share over social networks.

9. JQuery

Adding a pin it button to the images that your use in a blog post would encourage your visitors to share them on Pinterest. This definitely would help you reach more people and drive traffic to your blog. You can do this by installing various plugins and one of them is called JQuery Pin It Button for Images.

Well, these 10 are just a few social media tools that we found apt sharing here, just wait for the part 2 of this list but until then make sure to checkout the above listed tools.

What social media tools do you use for your business? Share your favorite social media tool in the comment section below.

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