We have in the past done many cover articles on the contributions of powerful women entrepreneurs in the business industries. Just as the ratio of talent pool of women is increasing, so is our accolades list. There is never enough that can be said and done about these "Women of Substance".

This section of the population is often cast in the shades of lesser opportunities and access to resources. No doubt if one is looking through the lens of an entrepreneurial beam balance, women are still on the leeward side. However, this has not eluded many women to chart out their own course in the industry. In fact, the tradition of setting-up home-based small business has been attributed to women, more than men. The current US statistics also show that the women-powered businesses in the country are over 8.6 million, contributing $1.3 trillion to the revenue coffers.

Challenges remain in every field of work. Today we have some absolutely brow-beating websites for our emerging and established women entrepreneurs. For the former, let it be a learning opportunity while the latter can share their wisdom on these interactive sites.

1. The Boss Network


Bringing Out Successful Sisters (BOSS) is a network founded by Cameka Smith, with an orientation on entrepreneurial women by promoting conversations, event-based networking and blogging. In fact their mission statement itself is "Growth Through Networking Beyond Events". All you need to do is simply sign up to their community.

2. Change The Ratio


"We love women. We love men. We just don't love the ratio" is what they go by. A Tumblr-based campaign, they began their journey in 2010 to increase the visibility of women in the tech and media world.

3. Chic CEO


The first thing about this resourceful website that caught my eye is their stunning website design; they justify the word chic! They are a clean and simple site that hands out all kinds of helping hand to the women entrepreneurs be it how-to tips about starting a business, products, home-based business opportunities or legal technicalities like patents and copyright issues. And all these tools are absolutely downloadable for future reference.

4. Daily Muse


Featured for its awesome work by top names like Tech Crunch, Inc., Fast Company and others, Daily Muse is a career advisory site that specializes in featuring on-the-spot advice for entrepreneurs. Their core influencers are the Y Combinator guys. The Core founding ladies - Kathryn Minshew, Alex Cavoulacos and Melissa McCreery have a excellent track record in connecting with the global community.

5. Dutiee


Increasingly social entrepreneurship is changing the imagery of the businesspersons as profit drivers. A lot of many of them are active members of the immediate community and organizations. As an under current to hardcore tech enterprises, there are businesses that are driving the "do good" mission statement eloquently. This website hosts success stories from such social startups as an inspiration to many others.

6. Ladies Who Launch


Founded by a powerful entrepreneur and motivational writer - Victoria Colligan, her site has a vast number of business realted resources to share; be it starting, building or managing and everything. Starting out as a corporate lawyer but breaking ground in marketing, Victoria vast media presence - through her talk shows, publication limelight, her books, brings in a considerable limelight for the website too.

7. Recessionista


This is a real useful website for women entrepreneurs looking to manage their finances. Founded by Nicole Lapin, a former news anchor, the core philosophy of the site is to bring out financial news in a fun way yet maintaining the informative standards like The Economist. They have a dedicated sections on varied lifestyle, media, tech and financial trends.

8. Women 2.0


Named true to their working style which includes keeping up with all the content focused on women in the tech startup circles, providing them information and educational resources. The founder Shaherose Charania is a committed mobile and telephony junkie herself.

While there are numerous websites who are playing a great mentorship role when it comes to encouring and supporting women entrepreneurs, we simply listed a handful to just get started. To know more about the top 100 websites for women, you can also check out Forbes.com's scroll down list about the same here.

If you are an entrepreneur, man or women, do continue to inspire your fellow persons in the industry. You never know when a kind gesture comes back to you, for the good.

Do leave us your thoughts, comments and ideas about the emerging landscape of entrepreneurship today.

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