Too much of good is bad too. Most of us content writers only want to showcase all the bright side of the Internet and social media world. And most of us do ONLY that.

This narrow approach to presenting content - be it news, updates, views or anything that remotely falls outside the perimeter of "Good", is a gross injustice to the readers who should rightfully be given both sides of the coins to choose from.

Vine, the video making app that rejoices in its 6 seconds of fame every time it is mentioned, is slowly emerging out of Twitter's shadow and treading the same tropes as every other social media platform has undergone after the initial honeymoon period is over.

In a latest roundup research, the Vine app is being used as much by people for creative purposes ad much as for silly nothings. This is not new to the Internet world, that falls prey to malicious activities and unrequited actions by Black Hat SEO time and again. Now Vine is the latest addition to this list of gross content that goes viral in a quickspan pace.

Here are some of the Vine's grossest, stomach churning videos that actually went viral on many platforms. If you don't have the stomach to digest it as a viewer, we are still trying to figure out what made the creators indulge in it ...

1. Sriracha Fountain in Motion By Martin Beck

2. I Will Always Love You By Will Sasso

3. Have Fun Until You Puke By Brendon Urie

4. Toenail Removal By Becca Fogg

5. iBagel By Nicholas Megalis

6. Mosquito Bite By Kalli Carr

7. Snoop Dogg Rap About Refried Beans By Nicholas Megalis

8. Dog Kissses By Ry Doon

9. Dog Mucus By Lindsey Nicole

10. Blood Donation By Molly Anne Clarke

I am sure most of you are baffled by the sheer crass humor sense on display by these Vine video

Well as long as you had a laugh that's good, but if you felt disgusted, we already sent out a warning signal.

Leave us a comment, a thought or your most baseless Vine video making moment in the section below.

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