In a post earlier this week, we featured the the top European blogs to know as well as 10 SMB blogs.

As a genuine follow up to those posts, we have a special edition of bloggers that newbies should have a sound knowledge of if they are entering the business circles.

The list of people featured today are not exactly hotshots of the industry, but some quality business and marketing bloggers who know the art of communication beautifully. At the end of the day, being on some star-studded popularity chart is not everything ; gathering a following across the Web is so much worth the effort. Content in the heart of thing is the ace that works for these bloggers.

Newbie content writers and marketers are much like startups who need time to acclimatize to the industry situation before they start articulating themselves. With sound understanding comes sound conclusions. And mind you, as content writers we have the power to sway industry opinions as much as the stock market tosses.

So here is a list of some quality bloggers who are doing some great work in the blogosphere, be it through their advisory posts, interactive sessions or insider's view of things.

1. Craig Kilgore


The Buffalo based inbound marketing professional, Craig takes an overall view of things from everything related to marketing - digital, content, social media to SEO, advertising strategies. His USP is the social media footprints he has on Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and is associated with E-junkie for quite some time now as a guest author.

You can check out his blog here.

2. Tim Berry

Practically called as the "Father of Business Planning", Tim Berry with a big online presence. Featured for his motivational talks across 14 countries and books that sell off the rack in a wisp, Tim has been a master entrepreneur of various businesses such as Palo Alto Software, Borland International, Free the Numbers, Social Media Business Plans .

With tons of expertise in business planning and startups, Tim keeps up his social media presence through his blog, his website TimBerry.com and Twitter handle called as Timberry.

3. Neil Patel

The voice behind the $1 million revenue generating blog - Quick Sprout, Neil is a Seattle based entrepreneur and investor with a vast experience in industry analytics, marketing and SEO. A regular contributor with top websites like Mashable, TechCrunch, Business Insider and others, Neil mastered the art of leading traffic to sites after a bad experience with his first online venture - Advice Monkey. He is much known among the industry circles as being the digital marketing expert behind the firms KISSmetrics and Crazy Egg.

4. Andy Sernovitz

A name synonymous with the word of mouth marketing, Andy is a committed teacher at heart always. His blog - Damn, I Wish I'd Thought of That has been handing out his wit and humor for marketers since 2001. Being of a scholarly disposition, he is a visiting professor at Northwestern University and Wharton School of Business at Penn University besides authoring books like Word of Mouth Marketing : How Smart Companies Get People Talking.

5. Avinash Kaushik

An American entrepreneur with an ingrained expertise in Web Analytics and Intelligence, Kaushik has done pioneering work in the data analysis sector through his writings and speeches. He is the Digital Marketing Evangelist at Google and the founder of Market Motive for online marketing education. He sits as a Advisor on many University Boards like California's Irvine and Toronto, so you just can just trust his vast mentoring abilities to hand out the right tip to you. His blog - Occam's Razor has 3 main goals according to him:

"My ├╝ber goal with my writings on this blog is to aspire... The skill of writing is to create a context in which other people can think."

"My qualitative goal: Atleast 6 user comments per post."

"My quantitative goal: Technorati top 10,000 by the end of this year, 2006. "

The list of to-follow bloggers is probably endless. We just handpicked a few and wish that all of us can take home some useful marketing insights from these champs of the industry. You don't have to copy them or go gaga over how they write, that will eventually come with ages of experience and thorough understanding of the business fraternity only. For the time being you can just start off by learning what they have on offer.

Do share with us your thoughts on these blogging personalities or any other favorites that you might want to talk about. Leave a reply in the Comments section please.

Stay tuned with E-junkie for all the latest news stories and inspirational reads daily.
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