Before Facebook introduced the clickable hashtags feature, weren't the non-clickable hashtag dosage annoying? I mean hashtags were like everywhere, be it someone's status update or any upload, hashtags were everywhere and the most annoying thing was that they were non-clickable.

Anyways, now that hashtags are clickable on Facebook somehow I still find them annoying not that I'm a hatist but the way people use hashtags is irritating. I guess most of us haven't still got the concept of hashtags.

The hashtagging culture started as a way to link tweets to dynamic feed within Twitter. It was Chris Messina who introduced hashtags to Twitter. This culture soon spread around like a wildfire and social networking and social sharing sites like Tumblr, Instagram, Flickr, Google+ and recently joining the league, Facebook.

Hashtagging is a way to group similar messages that contain a particular hashtag. We have already discussed about the power of hashtags - it helps you reach your audience, engage followers, etc. But in case you're not doing your hashtagging right, then you're going to miss a lot. Here are a few dos and don'ts for using hashtags:

1. Too long a hashtag

In the business front, using hashtags is a way to reach more audience and engage them. And for that you have to use a hashtag that you think your audience would be using or would find engaging enough to click through. Trust me people don't like clicking on long hashtags. Why?

Reason #1 - Makes no sense and takes time to understand (#thedontsofhashtags) as the first word of each word is not capitalized (#TheDontsOfHashtags),

Reason #2 - Hardly, anyone uses multi-word hashtags unless it's a big event, name or a trend.

2. Hashtagging every word

Too many hashtags in one sentence is a total no-no. Imagine someone sharing a post like this -
#What #In #The #World #Is #Happening #To #Social #Media?
This looks so annoying right? I mean what's the use of hashtagging every word in a sentence and importantly, why hashtag words like what, in, the, to and happening. In case you're doing this please don't do it anymore.

3. Use relevant hashtags

Don't jump the gun on hashtags. Before hashtagging, just ask a simple question to yourself, "Are people using this hashtags?" If they are not, then what's the use of using that particular hashtag.

Keep a watch on all the latest trends and keywords and go hashtagging, keeping your niche or let's say the target audience in mind.

4. Spell check you hashtags before they go live

Misspelled hashtags are the most irritating and unfortunately, once a while all of us do this. If you misspell a hashtag, you have zero chances of getting discovered.

Well, these are just a few but the main don'ts when it comes to hashtagging. In case you have your own don'ts list then do share it with us in the comment section below.

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