Following the precision bombing sorties by the U.S Air Force on Hiroshima, it was Nagasaki that faced the next brunt of the "Fat Man" on  August 9, 1945.

A young man of 28, attached to the Japanese Army as the staff photographer caught the enormity of the disaster that had unfolded through his camera. It was Yosuke Yamata.

In a single day's tedious journey across the affected spots, the team - including Eiji Yamada (painter) and Jun Higashi (writer), were the first to capture the aftermath of the atomic bomb catastrophe.

In an age when there was no social media and the internet bubble was yet to come, his astute talent behind the lens awakened the world to what wars could do to human lives. Human bodies lying in dilapidated state, caught in between Life and Death, civilization shattered to ash; Nagasaki was a city in ruins as per American retaliatory strategy.

It's been 70 years now that the insanity has passed, retributions said and done by both the sides, but the memory of those who lived this continues to be part of the public conscience; to remind us how fragile concepts of "War and Peace" are.

In a sad turn of events, Yosuke was a victim of the radiation caught during this photographic expedition he understook. Diagnosed with terminal cancer, he passed in 1966 but the work he left behind still leaves us shaken.

Here's a drive down the memory lane on this Nagasaki Day.

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