Exploring Google Chrome's Web Store is something of a Christmas treat bag; there's always something exciting to anticipate.

As an eCommerce business we are avid 'stalkers' of the latest updates in the Store. With marketing and sales being the focal aim of online businesses, the Chrome apps, that majorly cater to accounting, documenting and managing important business details become an essential part of the operations.

Social media strategy combined with good marketing content is the backbone of any eCommerce business today. In the fit of things, having good social media tracking and optimization apps is a prerequisite for any SMB.

Coming to Google Chrome's apps, there are two collateral advantages of using them:

a. Cloud computing being the primary technology that is guiding the online businesses today, these apps function on this parameter, easily synced with a user's permanent Google Account.

b. Besides easy accessibility online, these apps once installed offer a great desktop functionality too.

In today's list of merchant friendly social media marketing apps, some are native Chrome compatible apps while others function on third-party tools.

1. Facebook Power Editor

This is a great start-up tool for marketing and managing your Facebook ads. The basic function of this app is to help the user create, edit and manage ad campaigns on a mass scale and help reach out to the vast ad accounts at one go. This free browser plugin, has wonderful features for the marketers such as creating a customer target list from your Facebook user base after filtering them based on country, gender, partner categories etc. This list on the app becomes your Saved Audience that is sent targeted every time you have a campaign or deal to sell out. The Domain Sponsored feature allows you to convert a shared link into an advertising ad and thus driving traction to your website. In addition, there are conversion tracking features like ad placement and bidding to check your ad performance.

2. Social Exchange System

This is a great social communication building tool across multi-platforms. The app in a way reduces your dependence on a single social media platform for traffic. Suppose if your business is not gathering the expected audience on Facebook, you have the option to experiment with say Twitter or YouTube. An indirect marketing strategy and traffic generator, you earn 1 coin per every new "Like" that you receive. The idea is you visit one site, you receive one visit for your site. A simple social media barter app I would say.

3. SimplyCast Facebook Marketing

This app acts as a great bookmarking tool to create and store all third-party apps in a single account for the sake of convenience. Whenever you are looking to promote a campaign or wanting to connect with your customers for anything, the app's email friendly features, survey, event scheduling and report reviewing features cut down your work load by half. Moreover you can also use this app to schedule wall posts on your Facebook's business page.

4. Business Group Chat, IM, Video

The free app is a boon in disguise for businesses looking to connect with clients and partners via group chats. Highlight features offered by this social marketing app include file sharing, archived chat history, instant messaging, single video chat screen sessions for a maximum of 12 people at one go. The endearing part is its compatibility across both desktop and mobile devices.

5. Streamie

If your business relies on Twitter for customer feedback and interaction, this is the app for you. A HTML5 and CSSS3 standard app, it your swift Tweet tracker. As soon as a tweet is posted on your deck, you get a notification on your timeline. Moreover, you can also track a particular tweet from a heap of past tweets with this app readily.

6. Instagram Tools

Transform your Instagram photos into PDFs, online presentations and share it widely across your client lists at one go. That's what the app offers to do for you. The PDF's are converted into printable versions be it single photo on a single page or multiple images on a single sheet, you get to choose the way you want it out.

7. SocialSav Weekly Social Media Report

As the name suggests, it is a tool to track your social media performance. The free app provides a weekly report service keeping in view important performance statistics on various social media platforms simultaneously and business behavior and trends tracking.

8. Facebook Cover Maker & Editor

A visual graphic editing app, it helps create and edit timeline cover images of your Facebook Page, be it altering color tones , adding objects, using filters etc.

9. Social Seeking

A media search engine app, just launched this year, allows users to track all kinds of user generated content be it news, videos, images they shared on any active social media platform like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many more.

10. SocialBro

Another Customer Relationship Managing tool, it helps you analyze and manage all the buzz in your Twitter community. You can search new followers using keywords, locations, find your target audience by filtering options, analyze your competitor's Twitter accounts, monitor hashtags, URLs, unfollow spammy accounts so on and so forth. These Twitter details can be easily exported as reports to Excel and PDF formats.

We hope are list is interesting enough to get you socially mobile now.

Which of these apps is the most savvy according to your social media strategy? Let us know with a reply in the section below.

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