To have an Elephant's memory is not everybody's cup of tea.

In the present age of countless social networking sites besides professional requirements that demands a user login before performing a online act, passwords are truly a difficult thing to manage.

Some sites demand alpha-numberic password settings while others accept simple alphabetic ones. Good web users, technically speaking, never use the same password on all platforms. The idea is ensure web privacy against hackers and malicious elements trying to misappropriate your data.

So unless one uses every site on a daily basis, remembering all those spontaneous passwords you entered can make your head spin, literally. Writting down on a piece of paper is old style, while keeping all this data on smartphones and tablets, comes with no safety tag.

However, there are certain apps that specialize in keeping all your data and passwords safe. Be it retrievals or reminders, they can do it all. Here's our pick of the list for you guys:

1. Dashlane

A web cum mobile app, Dashlane's standout features are it auto-fill password on any site and digital wallet that saves important details of your credit cards to bill receipts. Whenever users are looking to sign up on new sites, its form filler feature does all the hard work for you. The app is free to avail for the first 30 days and thereupon the Premium plan can be opted for at $19.99 per year cost.

2. LastPass


"Collectively we lose more than 10,300 hours per year retrieving lost passwords, making new ones or talking to call center representatives about them. And it gets much worse if a password is stolen and misused"

Compatible on multiple browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Explorer, the app assures password security though its local encryption functionality. The one-time click action assures that users are ridden off remembering their multiple account passwords and identifies weak paswords too. Besides this one can also acquire safe and secure data backups and transfers without security breaches.

3. Norton Identity Safe


A product of the famous antivirus provider company - Norton, this free app facilitates a safe site visit, identifies your most-used site paths, has a password generator in case you lost any and even auto-fills field during sign ups. In addition, it offers a great bookmarking tool by assuring safe storage of any notes that you might wish to save.

4. Password Genie


A product of Security Coverage, this app is your virtual e-wallet. To start with the users need to provide essential information like passwords, credit card details, insurance info, flyer numbers etc for the app to gather your online identity information. Available for Mac, Windows, iOS and Android, the app provides an option of creating customized folders to segregate the various sites to help multi-device syncing to happen.

5. Illium eWallet

A real tool for businesspersons, bankers and anyone into deep financial transactions on a day-to-day basis, the eWallet highlight feature its built-in password generator and time-lock feature. Online banking is a tool that is being popularized with the onset of eCommerce businesses and this app assures data safety-cum-password remberanance alike.

These are apps meant to make our tasks easier and are not glitch-proof absolutely. The data that goes online is liable to breaches. But it is still in our power to choose what constitutes an absolute essential and what's not. So let's leave all our worries about remembering passwords and concentrate our energies into productive pursuits.

Do let us know which apps top your wishlist by leaving a comment in the section below.

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