B.R.A.N.D is a word that comes with a past and future. In short every product has a legacy to upkeep.

Imagine a new CEO taking the helm of affairs. What kind of 'resposnibility' do they have to carry on ? Well it's easier said than done, but in reality keeping up the brand name is something immeasureable.

While marketers and brand artists are specially entrusted to take away the maximum share of burden from the leadership, but at the end of the day it is the CEO who is the face of the company and brand as an extension.

Leading the roost are the women entreprenuers who are giving the men a tough run for their money, in every sphere of business. So the question to strike now is are they better at helping brands revamp their existing score?

Honestly answering this is a little difficult. No doubt women entrepreneurs make efficient leaders at the helm and contribute to the creativity as much. But let's not make this a divisive war of words. Conducting business operations is not about gender rather skill.

Today we have some zealous women entrepreneurs who have been the face both behind and in front of building their company's food brand name. Celebrating this untapped potential exuberated by women entrepreneurs globally, let's take a look at their success stories.

1. Indra Nooyi

The Chairman and CEO of PepsiCo took over the leadership reigns in 2006. The enterprise under Indra's charge was nothing less than a $22 billion beverage company. Her business acumen has seen the company's reputation and revenue rise upto a tune of $65 billion as well as prime acquisitions like Tropicana, diary company Wimm-Bill-Dan and mergeer deal of Quaker Oats.

2. Martha Stewart

Sarting off as a simple caterer to become a global name of renown today. Be it cookery shows or lifestyle tips, she set the trend through her 1982 cook book "Entertaining". Her eponymous brand value became a household name with her magazine - Martha Stewart Living. To manage her vast talent business, Martha runs her own company - Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia that acts an umbrella to cover her operations, be it merchandising, publishing or media presence. Moreover, she is the prime example of being a brand-in-business herself as each of her works runs in her own name.

3. Milagros Leelin Yees and Clarita Leelin Go

They aren't household names to you and me, but the Filipino sister duo represent a vast chain of bakery business that they started from the scratch almost half a century ago. Today their Goldilocks Bakery is a global brand with outlets in Philippines(340), the US and Thailand (24). In a major rebranding move, the duo strived hard to take their success further by publishing their homemade delicacies into a book - "Goldilocks Bakebook".

4. Denise Morrison

Cammpbell Soup? Rings a bell? For those of you who are slow to grasp, Denise is one of the 21 CEOs of a Fortune 500 company and the legacy she shoulders dates back to a century and a half. Soup is a staple in homes be it any season. With so many competitors in tow, Denise took the call for a revamp without compromising on product quality. Taking over Bolthouse Farms for $1.55 billion this year besides introducing 32 new range of soups for the new generation, the Company is only going uphill under her leadership. In fact, the brand promises to stack the shelves with 200 new products by this year's end.

Building a brand is a act of nurturing it with right amount of discipline and love. And when it comes to food and women, the combination stands deadly.

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