With the introduction of Facebook's advertising unit updates recently, marketing has become a competitive spectator sport in its own stead. Be it mobile ads or desktop ones, Facebook revenues have been skyrocketing, especially due to the boom-n-bust it gives to Small Businesses.

According to studies, Facebook is likely to garner a $6 billion ad revenue with $2 from mobiles alone. For every business, having a Page on Facebook alone would never suffice. Every Advertising marketer looks to drive a campaign that target consumer markets with effective ad offers and attractive campaign. Touching upon the "attractive" aspect of a campaign, what are the factors that really make a campaign endearing to a customer?

Three key elements make the backbone of any successful Facebook ad:

1. Aesthetic

The best part about Facebook's developmental features is the News Feeds that makes advertising a personalized affair. When you receive a News Feed from a  prescribed page, that hints at a attractive offer, sale or something that your friends liked, chances are that you too will likely visit those Pages to find out about them. This is the revamped version of the mouth to mouth marketing. The aesthetic part of an ad campaign is the graphical presentation that a firm invests in. From the simplest of things like beautiful profile picture/cover photo to the way your actual website design is, makes a huge appeal difference to visitors.

2. Content

What has content to do with advertising? What can a small two line ad say that a full drawn post or article cannot? If you ask me, Content has an unmatched premium value that uses brevity to say the maximum of what the owners want to convey to the target market. A catchy headline, a meaningful quote, a sales report or off season sales offers, are all part of content marketing strategy.

3. Relevancy

The call-to-action function is what converts a visit to actual sales. Your customer has seen the beautiful ad and even read the content, but did they grasp its relevancy to their life needs? This is the most compelling question that makes or breaks a ongoing deal. Relevancy implies that the advertising campaign is structured such that it targets the right audience from among a broad spectrum of population. This sorting ritual determines your  revenue bank.

Facebook is a great platform for emerging businesses due to its sheer flexibility of options for advertising. How have you used Facebook for driving a successful ad campaign ? Leave us a reply about your experiences in the Comments section below.

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