"It's whatever makes you see, 
Makes you believe
And forget about the premonition you need to conceive
The images they sell are Illusion and Dream "

These are some of the first lines that strike to me from the epic Finnish rock band.

In a age of digital connectivity where businesses - online and offline, both want to expand their market beyond national boundaries, marketing one's product is one big task.

The fact that the client/buyer has to rely on data and graphics that you put out on your  site, makes it all the more important to dress up your product in the right garb. An offline sale has the obvious advantage of "trying-n testing" on the spot, which is not exactly possible with online businesses. This makes product descriptions and most of all the product photograph as the most important item on the list that helps convert a visit to actual sales. Photographs, by nature speak those unsaid things you wish to convey to a customer, just without seeing them in person.

With the constant expansion of data visualization, digital marketing be it through videos, interactive infographics or high definition photographs, businesses have to upgrade themselves to make the shopping experience for customers a true delight.

Here are some essential tips and wisdom for those who sell online.

1. Background Check

No we are not going CIA here. The background I am referring to here is that of a product photograph that goes onto your site. Stumbling upon various online shopping sites, this is the most annoying thing that I encounter- jazzy to hazy backgrounds that take away all the light from the main product.
As a customer, I like innovative graphics no doubt but over doing it is a gross injustice to the product you are hoping to sell. The whole point is to present things elegantly not simply for the sake of "Oh-look-here-please" gesture. Clean simple backgrounds show off your product in the cleanest possible manner.

2. Technicals

I don't know much about Photographic techniques or details. What I as a customer know is that I wish to see a good picture of the thing that I am investing in. It therefore becomes binding on the business owners to give us that. Not taking a very critical view here, but small technicalities like inadequate lighting ,  too much pixelation or even a bad color combination is a sure shot photobomb for your business. This could possibly create two problems:

a) Miscommunication to the customer. For what they see they order, but getting something else delivered to your doorstep is one customer down from your list.

b) Such photobombed graphics are an additional cost to your business budget as it would require you to re-shoot the whole thing again.

A good tip to keep in mind is to choose a appropriate image size so as to communicate details to the client, minus the pixelation woes.

3. Detailing The Small

Not all products are of the same size nor can they be captured in the same spectrum. However, showing off details is important too. As per a  photographic norm, "If the product takes up less than an eighth of the image, it is simply too small" and needs to be reworked at. In such cases where the actual product is actually small, the photographer needs to intelligently mash it up with a background that is contrasting or display it on a human body for actual effects.

It's good to invest in a professional photography to outline your product details for the online store. However, it should be a careful one time investment not a constant drag on your budget.

Do let u know if you have additional points to add-on to the list. Leave us your thoughts and ideas in the Comments section.

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