A Liverpool-based artist and photographer, Carl Warner is a magician with food.

As a child he pursued pastimes like music, drawing and imagining his creative world from the posters of Salvador Dali and Patrick Woodroofe. Giving this creative dabbling a professional route, Carl passed into the world of advertising and began as a still life photographer, capturing landscapes, products and brands alike.

However, he wanted to explore his talent more and one day stumbled upon a marketplace with portbello mushrooms. He clicked these mushrooms that appeared to him like "a tree from an alien world" and created miniature scene by adding rice seeds and beans on his table top.

Thus was born his first foodscape creation - The Savannah Mushroom. The advertising industry was ready to merchandise this man's talent in various food-based branded campaigns as more of his works baffled the media and publication sector.

Making a credible mark in the advertising world, Carl soon began directing television and internet commercials. His "artistic foodwork", as I like to term it, has also been penned down by Carl himself in a two-book series titled as Carl Warner's Food Landscapes and A World Of Food.

Starting out by drawing the lanscape himself, he uses food stylists and model makers to etch a visually appealing foodscape. Precision is central to his creations as he spends hours staring at vegetables in marts to find the right form and shape of the object that will materialize into an artistic treat in his studio.

Let's take a tour of some spell binding Foodscapes by Carl that we absolutely loved.

For more images from Carl Werner visit his website at www.carlwarner.com.

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