In the eCommerce industry, it is always the merchants and sellers who get pushed on the hardline to entice the customers. In other words, it is nothing short of the dictatorship of the customer when it comes to business. Sounds a little unfair when all the power rests at the client's end while the businesses have to act responsibly?

Why is that the businesses need to spell out things openly everytime? What about being responsible customers?

These are intriguing questions that I asked myself as a writer for my company and as a lay online shopper sometimes. The duality of the roleplay is a dilemma most of us would have felt. Everyone is virtually a seller and buyer parallely. So shouldn't that make the act of buying a little more sensitive? Sadly that's never the case. Customers are the end all and be all of a business enterprise. And businesses cherish this fact too. It's all a matter of perspective.

To oversimply state the act of business operations, it involves:

- attracting shoppers to visit your online store

- Make the act of purchasing easy for them

- Handing out information of products you sell or are planning to launch

- Have a easy-to-use shopping cart option for a smooth transaction to begin

- Finally deliverance at the doorstep

If these are the set parameters to define a good business enterprise and every business tows these protocols, why is it that shoppers act choosy and pick one online store over the other?

Apart from listing the primary elements for customer facility, at the end of the day it making the shopping experience worthwhile not simply following rules.

So here are some pointers that customers should look for before trusting a online store for purchase. In effect, businesses do their part in making the journey as easy for you as possible, but the understanding has to come from the user end as well.

1. Landing Pages

All eCommerce businesses spend scores of time and money to their website for deriving a good traction through search engines, emails and social media promotions. The act of inviting a customer to the site includes providing a valid link to the ad that the clients click on. However there are many cases when the links are misdirected to other products or pages. As a customer, it is absolutely irritating to land on a wrong page and find a deal that you had not really come looking for.

In fact as per popular trends, it is seen that businesses that get a better conversion rate only when the design ads with a good message get visited by the customers.

2. Site Search

Since the inception of Google and Bing, getting info about shopping from online stores has become easy. But that is just the beginning. It's a two way road. A good shopping cart should meet the expectation of a customer who's looking for better suggestions, relevant details, thesaurus, navigation and filters.

Most eCommerce sites today also provide varied third party search engine options to customers as well. As a customer, it is important to judge a shopping cart with these relevant search tools in place. Gathering all the possible information before making a purchase.

3. Product Content

Despite a good landing page and search tools, as customers one should be looking for quality content. In a digitized age, availing better images of products you are going to indulge in, reviews and testimonials by previous users, technical details are what entails an overall 'product related content' generation. With the advantages of video marketing becoming popular with Vine and other likely apps, gathering a comparitive product analysis is not a excuse you can make at your end; because the businesses are putting themselves in the field for a clean perusal.

4. Shipping Estimator

This is probably the greatest worry as a e-shopper for many of us. Will the product be delivered in one shape and is it trustworthy? Despite the onset of various free shipping and delivery clauses as well as services, there is a slight range of privacy concerns that plague the customers. Imagine this. As a customer you are handing out your particulars in the shipping proforma as well as doing an online cash transference, won't you expect complete honesty. As a prudent shopper one must be aware of the miscellaneous costs or "handling charges" that suddenly pop up once the product is already at your doorstep while the ad links showed a free delivery service. If this is what unfolds, be ready to bid good bye to such shammy business operators and look for a better option.

As customers, shopping online is a boon for many who are hard pressed for time to actually visit a retail store. However judging a product is wholly your responsibility and not of individual businesses. Therefore blaming them for everything and anythings reflects on your inabilities as much as that of the businesses.

Are you set to be a prudent shopper? Leave us a reply in the comments section below.

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