Turtle: A Urban Helmet Concept

Posted: 7/18/2013
Bikes, mobikes and helmets are all that guys need to create that first dashing impression on the people around them, especially on ladies!

While a bike is the obvious first choice, funky geared mountain bikes and cycles are fast becoming a trend in the urban settings. In addition, so are the safety concerns and awareness rising among the youth who are opting for a safe drive along the roads, be it to work or simply hanging around with their buddies.

From customized name embossed helmets to a minimalist headgear for safety sakes, the trends are changing in terms of the design aspect. Utility is one thing but fashionable is the buzzword that the current generation absolutely loves.

When it comes to helmets, it's probably as pricey a possession for many bike lovers as the beast in itself is. But carrying that heavy looking helmet is an add-on, an extra that inhibits your moving space. Moreover, a crack or a scratch here-n-there, most of of us are waiting outside a repair store to get it in shape. Well a bike is high maintenance anyday!

Keeping in view the utility and safety factors as the core of their design project, CLOSCA "Turtle" helmet is trying do a world of good for many of us bike-lovers.

Backed by Kickstarter for upcoming line of helmets, CLOSCA is a Valencia based company that makes foldable helmets. Really, no kidding!

The intriguing helmet design is absolutely foldable and can be slipped on easily into a sling bag, back pack and briefcase alongwith all your other essentials. These are used making a high quality mix of cotton and polyester fabrics that offers a good cushion impact absorption function too. The incorporation of these special EPP polymers are capable of acting as shock absorbers in case of imminent injuries.

Currently, in the first round of their production, the Turtle helmets are being sold on Kickstarter. CLOSCA is offering them in 6 varieties and two cap styles - Flatcap and Duckbill in leopard, black animal prints as well as in wool. They are specially designed for "adapted-fitting for all users" after anthropomorhic testing practices and is available in 4 sizes (XS, S, M,L).

Coming to their secondary goal of making a fashion statement CLOSCA aims to change the urban cycling landscape with its impactful helmets. Since the helmets are designed to be a seamless accessory of the rider, it is not to be looked upon as a burden to the rider nor look out of sync with the clothes they adorn. There may be many of us who would love to cycle down work but the thought of wearing a mismatched heavy helmet over formal work clothes is so not the idea of accepted fashion. That's a challenge CLOSCA is attempting to bridge.

Their funding campaign is up till July 20th, 2013 and users can pledge their orders for the helmet. With less than 48 hours left to go, the project has 362 backers and already surpassed it pledge goal of $45,000 to $53,972 currently. It's a all or nothing campaign i.e if the bidding is succesful the users'credit cards will be charged until the expiry period, else they don't have to pay anything!

We simply loved their cool and fashionable designs. If you liked their project idea, do support their Kickstarter campaign.

Images via Kickstarter

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