On E-junkie, we have featured many unique and artistic initiatives on our blog. Here is another mind blowing business meets social change company that is silently working in the New Orleans landscape.

A self styled industrial design and consulation studio, Matter Inc is Tippy Tippens brain child. A entrepreneur with a passion for creating designs that support a social cause, Tippy's initiatives are premised on the idea of "Design For Change".

Moving out of Brooklyn following an oil spill, Tippy created the BirdProject - "black glycerin soap birds enveloping a ceramic keepsake sold to fund environmental cleanup due to the bp oil spill. glycerin is a by-product of biodiesel production". Her company is the first among the six accredited B-Corporation in Louisiana currently.

So what are these B-Corps?

Any modern day enterprise that uses business as a medium to champion socio-environmental causes through their imapctful policies and beneficial product manufactures, is deemed as a B-Corp or Benefit Corporation. Matter is one in the league.

The company was actively funded by a Kickstarter campaign and one of their first products was a bird-shaped biodiesel, 50% of whose proceeds were donated to Restoration Network & International Bird Rescue for a eco cleaning project.

Matter Inc. is a firm committed to bringing "innovative, beautiful, sustainable lifestyle products at the intersection of waste reduction, green technology, and progress for our most important social needs".

In a truly leadership style, Tippens has brought-in her professional expertise in shaping the vision for Matter. Prior to this venture, Tippens was a designer at international plumbing parts manufacturer - Kohler. Bringing together her entrepreneurial skills and passion for social change, each of her soaps is earmarked with a bird, designed by Tippens personally.

The company has grown in stature by its active community involvement. Their latest series of products called as the Full Circle Soaps, are biodesel glycerin soaps made out of using fryer oil waste dispensed by French Quarter chain of hotels. In a expansive plan to create awareness about varied causes like sustainable manufacturing, literacy, anti gun culture and Hurricane Sandy relief, Matter is a truly visionary enterprise.

Tippens shares that "Our goal is to create a scalable, repeatable model that can be exported to other food centric cities to reproduce waste oil/biodiesel/glycerin loop in their hotels and restaurants. The product suite will create multiple jobs initially and as products scale, new job positions would also grow concurrently with production, fulfillment, and distribution."

Keeping in view the company's eco intelligence tactics, it is fair to believe that they will continue to collaborate with various social institutions and corporate organziations alike. As estimated, Matter is set to hit the 1M company mark by the end of 2014.

E-junkie is truly inspired by this thought-provoking initiative. We wish them many more years of roaring success.

To know more about Matter's product line and initiatives, you can visit their website.  To share your thoughts and ideas about the initiative, leave us a reply in the section below.

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