Twitter is a populist phenomena for small businesses this decade. With its optimum work space i.e 140 character, interaction has been made possible at a whole new level. Twitter's website section and Channel are an unexplored domain that small businesses can materialize on after a surveying it.

eCommerce merchants need to take a deeper view of Twitter as a business tool since it is a platform that offers a proactive experience to share, sell, engage and build brand awareness.

Today we bring for our merchants, vendors and everyone interested in eCommerce, a set of useful Twitter handling tips, to help cultivate your business.

1. Post Scheduling

Most businesses are unaware of Twitter's scheduling functionality. They consider it more of a direct posting platform. Well FYI, it is more than that. While directly monitoring your business account on Twitter daily is challenging task, other social media management tools like HootSuite or SproutSocial are your ready recknoners here. You can schedule important work details like events and updates using these. As a suggestion, Twitter also has some pointers :

"Monday: Offer exclusive promotions. Launch a promotion that is exclusive to Twitter. Use an offer code that customers can enter when they visit your website. If you have a physical location, tweet a discount code that customers can redeem at the register.

Tuesday: Go behind the scenes. Take followers behind the scenes of your business with photos or video.

Wednesday: Share helpful tips. Provide helpful information designed to benefit followers. Link to a blog post or how-to video to draw them into your website.

Thursday: Spotlight media mentions. Has your business received media attention or been blogged about? Share a link with your followers.

Friday: Focus on people. This could come in the form of a "Follow Friday" — #FF — tweet where you mention loyal customers or vendors. If you have an "employee of the month" program, highlight that person with a tweet."

2. Product Launch

Businesses can now use Twitter's official video sharing platform- Vine to send out product teasers well before its market launch. Due to the relative new start of the app, the businesses are still in the experiment stage. The inter connectivity of Vine with Facebook and Twitter, Vine is a good option any day. Moreover using the hashtag tool helps in creating that positive acceptance space to for your brand.

3. People's Power

In a truly democratic style, Twitter represents the power of the people through its deep networking framework. Why Twitter is a viral phenomena is exactly because people talk business straight on; there is no space to mince words. Products can be made viral by attracting a target audience that is interested in taking forward your business through their virtual tweet-n-retweet promotions.

4. Twitter Cards

The latest marketing tool handed out by Twitter are the Cards that enables user accounts to have a greater media experience via display photos, product info, app details. Twitter is also developing a new Card that is set to help small businesses generate leads like mailing list subscriptions.

5. Appreciation Platform

Twitter becomes a important tool of acknowledgment and goodwill gesture at the same time. Businesses can now openly acknowledge consumer participation in the marketing process by thanking those who retweeted their products or aroused a positive interest. This simple gesture is a sure way to attract more followers for your brand.

6. Twitter Lists

Just like its other help tools, Lists are a special communicative feature whereby informed users create a chat groups on a category-wise listing. This keeps both the seller informed of their target audience while the buyers know who are the potential players in the game to rely on. The dual advantage serves the cause of expenditure and revenue alike.

7. Advertising Service

In a clear cut manner, Twitter has a self service advertising platform for small businesses via through its "promoted tweets" and "promoted accounts". The legitimacy of your brand increases as genuine account holders show their trust in you and put in that good word at the right time for others to see.

8. Twitter Analytics

Based on click rates, ads reach and retweeting, businesses on Twitter can gauge the consumer trends and analyse their business pathway by using external social media engagement tools like HootSuite, SocialBro, SproutSocial , Topsy etc. This self analysis option is very essential for online businesses to understand and plan their business strategy constantly.

For me Twitter is more of a socially engaging platform that allows both buyers and sellers to interact on one-on-one terms. From a mere articulating social networking site, Twitter has become a pitch ground for small businesses to be digitally potent and strike a healthy consumer dialogue at the least cost.

Are you using your Twitter potential rightly? Leave us a comment below.

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