Dance is fast becoming a stress busting trend among the youth. For many others, it is their passion. To capture this unleashing passion and freedom of movement in a lens is a sublime art.

Today we bring for you a beautiful photographic book ensemble by a New York-based photographer. Jordon Matter, is a portrait photographer who captures actors, models and dancers through his camera.

Dancers Among Us is a special project that Jordon undertook in 2000. A father of two, Jordon believes in capturing anything that is breathing. In fact he admits in a story that his toddler son was a inspiration to start this project initially.

To imagine things from a child's perspective is something that not many of us are gifted to do. He says "The inspiration for this book came to me one afternoon as I watched my son, Hudson, playing with his toy bus. I was trying to keep pace with his three-year-old mind as he got deeper and deeper into a fantasy involving nothing more than a yellow plastic box and armless figurines. At least that’s what I saw. He saw frantic commuters rushing to catch the 77 local bus to Australia. He jumped in place, mouth open and slapping his knees, joyously reacting to a world I couldn’t see, but one powerfully present for him."

That was the beginning of his bookish dreams. Having attended a dance performance shortly thereafter, Jordon wanted to capture these "Dancers as storytellers". His addiction to capturing artistic nuances for his website, brought him in conatct with dancers and models who wanted to be captured. His project, spanning a good three years is mostly shot in New York.

Jordon further expresses his appreciation for dancers by saying "They’re trained to capture passion with their bodies. The often create a fantasy world or offer us a deeper look into familiar settings. They bring to life what we feel but what most of us, lacking their artistry and athleticism, are unable to express physically."

What appealed to me most about this really cool project is Jordon's ideas on self-consciousness, passion for a craft and the effortless manner he has brought reality to life. Moreover the title - Dancers Among Us, is a telling comment to freely pursue the subdued passions of one's life. After all Nietzsche didn't say this in vain "And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music".

Jordon Matter has managed to sell dreams all of us aspire for through his book. Dancers Among Us was adjudged as a bestseller by Barnes & Nobles, Amazon and O Magazine in the year 2012.

Have a look at some of his awesome clicks. Happy Viewing
Stunning display isn't it? If you are inspired already, go grab a hobby/ craft and pursue it with dedication; because "how you started off to live is not important, but how finished it certainly makes you a champion".

Leave us a reply if you found the project interesting. You can also visit Jordon's website to know more about his passions and work. To catch the full series of photographs, click here.

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