Business does not stop just because the clock says so. As the American market closes, the Asian market opens. It is far wiser to stay in touch with your business outside of business hours instead of assuming that "it will wait until tomorrow." People do not stop buying, swapping and trading just because 5pm has arrived.

Here are some apps that you are going to find useful for keeping abreast of recent developments in your business and in your industry at large. If you can keep your finger in the pie whilst outside of business hours, then you automatically put yourself above all of the other businesses that "clock off" at 5pm.

These include the standard Facebook app and the Facebook Home app. They are available from the Google Play store for the Android OS. If you are running a business, then it is highly likely that you are running a Facebook campaign. The standard app is going to allow you to play with your profile and your campaign. The Facebook Home app is going to allow you to gain instant access to your news feed to see what people are saying with regards to your campaign.


This app will allow you to take notes on your Android. You may collect them together, put them into categories and organize them as you wish. They are good for taking down memos, adding images or videos. The way they allow you to remain in touch with your business is that you may share the notes with your staff. Whilst you are in a conference, you can create notes that allow your staff to take immediate action, to the point where you can see results before the end of the day when you get back to the office.

Facebook Messenger

With this app you may stay in touch with your business personnel, your customers and your suppliers, just so long as they are on Face book at the time. When you open up the app and enter your Facebook password (if you are not signed on already), your profile will come online and people will be able to contact you via instant messages. You will also be able to make contact with the people who are your friends on the site.

Google Drive

Wouldn't it be nice if you could stay in touch with your staff or customers via a mobile device? Well you can, but now you can go a step further and share whole files with the Google Drive. You may upload important files and allow your staff access to them with the Google Drive. You can upload very large files for your clients and the client may access the files from his or her Android, Windows or Apple device. You may also make swift amendments to those files too, with your Android device.


Staying in touch is more about getting a message to your staff. It is about being on the cutting edge of online and offline commerce. Many people can boast being up to date with online commerce, but few are making as many sale offline. But, this is where you can be different and start to lead the way by taking credit card payments via your Android device.

Whilst others are pushing business cards under the noses of their clients, you can keep in touch and visit them personally. And, before you leave you are able to take a credit card payment, instead of having the client promise to make a payment online. With this app you are able to stay in personal touch with your clients, whilst also taking payments from them (in order to make your visit worthwhile).


This app allows you to stay in touch directly, by allowing you to manage your staff or your team from the comfort of your Android device. This app is a task management app. You simply insert your tasks and deadlines into the app. These then become your project. You then assign your team members a certain role in the project, and communicate the role, deadline, goals and key metrics via the app itself. The great thing is that it is so flexible that it can handle any sort of project and allow to you communicate your wishes in a very simple and frank manner.


Stay in touch with this Android app. It is a cross-platform client that has merged different IM services to allow you to enjoy the benefits of all of them at the same time. You can enter your profile for Facebook IM, AIM, ICQ and Yahoo. The app will then show you all the people who are offline and online on those IM services. You can also run this app as a background app. This means that you can stay online whilst you wait for others to come online, but that you do not have to have this app as the primary function on your mobile device. Just leave it running and it will inform you when new people come online.

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