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Imagine you're going through a well-written article and you spot a typo. You ignore it right?But as you go on reading the article you spot more. Well, one typo is okay, two is no issues, three is still acceptable but many is a no-no, especially when the article is in the digital form. The first thought that comes in the readers' mind is, "Didn't the author knew how to use the spell-check option."

If you ask me, typos are normal (to err is human) but are a total turnoff. The digital space has its own benefits and that is 'spell-check' but what about the articles that are handwritten, there's no spell-check option there. So what do you do, sit with a dictionary and check every word for the spelling?

You don't do anything like that, instead you buy yourself your very own Lernstift. Lernstift is a one-of-its-kind pen that vibrates every time you make a mistake. Sounds interesting, right?

Lernstift is a great tool to improve one's writing skills and its for both kids and adults. Yay!

Lernstift is a Germany-based company, co-founded by two creative dads with a common goal - "bringing more "good vibrations" to families and schools around the world by creating a unique educational aid that's both useful and fun" and to bridge the gap between classic handwriting and the endless possibilities of digital technology.

Here's the story behind Lernstift -

It was the autumn of 2012, when Falk Wolsky's (one of the founders) wife was helping her son with his homework. He was making a number of spelling mistakes. Rather irritated, she said, "What he needs is a pen that points out errors right when he makes them." To this Falk replied, "Let's build it!"

A family product, inspired by a family moment

That is how the story of Lernstift started.

And now what the people at Lernstift want from you is to help them build the pen together. They are currently crowd-funding it on Kickstarter and the money raised from this campaign would be used to realize this creative idea.

Wondering how Lernstift works?

Lernstift is not like the other digital pens that you'll get in the market. Lernstift has an embedded Linus system inside of it. The board contains motion sensor, processor, memory, Wi-Fi and vibration module.

There are two primary functions of the pen:

1. Orthography Mode – to recognize spelling errors
– for writing starters (5-8 yrs) + everyone (7-99 years)

2. Calligraphy Mode– to point out flaws of form and legibility
– for writing starters 5-8 yrs (7-99 yrs in Asia)

To learn more about the working of Lernstift, click here.

Here's how the pen looks like -

Exchangable writing tips
To know more about Lernstift watch the video below:

To know more about Lernstift visit their website. If you like the prototype and would love to own one yourself then make sure to back it up before August 9, 2013 and help them reached their pledged goal on Kickstarter.

Do share your thoughts about Lernstift in the comment section below.

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