In our quest of sharing interesting stuff with our readers, I recently stumbled upon some humorous straightforward statements by Wasted Rita.

Rita is a Portugal-based graphic designer and illustrator who was born in New Jersey. She describes herself as "a natural agent provocateur, sarcastic as needed and a full-time thinker who must write about life, human behaviors and play with words to keep breathing."

Her Says Wasted Rita series features some in-the-face humorous statements that'll blow your mind, just read the one on the left.

Apart from writing such statements, Rita also loves drawing. Rita shares that she is, 'rough and rude at first sight, above all, just a passionate kid doing what she thinks she should.'

Rita also maintains a blog, that she daily updates with her humorous drawings and hand lettering quotes that have been featured in many websites, several magazines and books. She has also exhibited her work in Paris, London, Berlin, Bochum, throughout Portugal and done freelance work for brands like Ginza Magazine, Doolittle Mag, Hurley, Samsung, Delta and Diário Económico.

Here are some of our favorites from Rita's Says Wasted Rita series. Have a look:

If you like Rita's work make sure to checkout her website for more and in case you want to purchase her works, you can visit her at http://society6.com/wastedrita.

What do you think about Rita's artwork? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Stay tuned for more artistic inspiration from E-junkie.

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