Business and philanthropy are two entities that do not gel together naturally. As goes the common notion, businesspersons engage in charitable works not out of Samaritan feeling always but to create "investments" that save them from the tax scanner or else to build a public persona for goodwill.

Well whatever may be the actual intent, it is concrete action that matters at the end of the day. And let's agree that it is these very businesspersons and entrepreneurs who champion developmental projects at every level of society by extending logistical and financial help.

In a similar view, I recently came across this interesting community of businessman who are doing great work in ushering a community based livelihoods at an international scale.

Business Fights Poverty is a unique project of vibrant members from within the business fraternity who commonly work to eradicate poverty.  It is owned by Inspiris, that specializes in creating platforms, programs and partnerships that harness the power of business to fight poverty.But the twist here is they fight poverty with business, by creating business. Their mission statement is to "provide its members with targeted online and face-to-face peer-to-peer engagement and hot-off-the-press, mission-critical knowledge."

Recently, Business Insider featured SABMiller on their website for their association with the project.

SABMiller has been verified as the largest contributor to the cause, nearly US$6 billion since 1995. With numerous flagship programs, they aim to encourage small businesses are their main alleviation group.By encouraging the entrepreneurial spirit at the grassroot level, the programs look to augment incomes, generate enterprising spirit and involve women to participate actively.

It is a common fact that fostering a small business is not simply a mathematical equation with particular rights and wrongs to be inserted, it is a much more holistic endeavor. "Instead, we take an ‘ecosystem’ approach to supporting entrepreneurship; building supporting networks which provide capacity building, mentoring and access to funds and markets."

The scenario is pretty simple. Businesses thrive on a web of community relationships. Unless the various stratas of society are made capable of having a purchasing power, there will not be a culture of thriving business. And in this cog of development, it is small scale business entrepreneurs that will make all the difference.

What are your thoughts on this different version of Corporate Social Responsibility? Do you actually believe it to be CSR? Leave us a reply below.

You can watch SABMiller's initiative video here.

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