The social media-sphere is a tricky place to be in. We recently discussed some quick social media tips that every small business owner should try for his just-launched business, on our blog. One of our readers asked us a very important question - What are the key points that one should keep in mind when it comes to using social media for one's business?

Well, if you ask me the only thing that I can tell you is to know your audience, experiment and trust your instincts. But when you go about asking other people, they'll come up with a different answer and why not? Everyone has a different experience in the social media-sphere.

Since tomorrow is World Social Media Day, we thought of helping our readers master their social media strategy and use social media to build their business and create meaningful relationships with their customers.

So here is a list of 8 things that every entrepreneur should know about social media.

Happy reading!

1. All social media platforms should be treated differently as they are not the same. Often people have the same social media strategy for all of their social media platforms. They treat Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+ the same and this is something which should be avoided.

2. You need to take out time and invest it wisely on different social media platforms. Most people take social media for granted, they have an account on all the top social media platform but are not much active and trust me this is a bad practice. You need to take out time and work to connect to people in the social media-sphere.

You can't generate followers or likes in one day. It's just like being in a relationship, you need to give time.

3. In the social media-sphere, we all are a part of different groups and communities, use them to your best interest. These groups and communities can help you generate leads in an easy manner. But remember don't create spam, there are high chances of getting labelled as a SPAMMER and being ignored.

4. If you want people to be more interested in the content you share, then the best thing is to write a blog and link it to different social media platforms that you actively use. This would be really helpful as you'll not only get more content to share on your social media accounts but also reach more and more people.

5. Your content should reflect who you are and what you do. Be genuine, otherwise you might won't last for long.

6. Don't run from criticism, face it. The social media-sphere is a place where people can speak their heart out and deleting a negative comment won't change what your customer thinks about you. So instead of deleting those comments reach out to those who support you.

Also remember to pay attention to what people are saying about you. Some of the best product ideas, feedback and problems will come to you from the social media-sphere.

7. In case you are scheduling your posts on different social media platforms, remember timing is everything that matters. The average life of your tweet, status update, pin or post is about an hour. So increase the frequency of your tweet, status update, pin or post and schedule several times throughout the day. Be consistent and make your presence felt.

8. Pay attention to what others are doing. Follow people who are doing great in the social media-sphere, you'll learn a lot from them and that too for free.

Keep these 8 points in mind if you are serious about making the powerful social media engine work for you or your business.

Do share your thoughts about this list in the comment section below.

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