The internet is full of all kinds of different tools for a small business owner. Majority of them are full of ads, cost too much or are just plain useless.

Being an internet marketer and a small business owner myself, I have put together a list of very useful internet marketing and monitoring software. All of them – Free of charge.

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"Rankerizer" is a very useful desktop tool for automatically checking your rank in three most important search engines:
  • Google
  • Yahoo
  • Bing
"Rankerizer" also supports:
  • Ranking trends (How much have you risen or dropped for the current search phrase or keyword)
  • Back-links that your ranked site has
  • Full proxy support
Rankerizer is quite self-explanatory. By that I mean that you just fill in the blanks  and it starts gathering information about your website instantly. After you have made your first input, it just keeps updating all of the information automatically.

It also starts whenever you start up windows, so you have fresh news every time.

The download is free, yet you have to opt in to get the download.

2. MailChimp 

"MailChimp" is the one and only right way to do e-mail marketing. For a small business who does any kind of "newsletter promotion" this is an absolute must.

After Aweber, Constant Contact and GetResponse, MailChimp is by far the best and the cheapest (if you take in to consideration the options that all of the e-mail marketing websites offer and the fact that you can start off with zero budget)

"MailChimp" offers the following benefits:
  • Building a list of prospects for your business
  • E-mail templates
  • Results tracking
  • Drag and drop editor
  • Facebook integration
  • And it's free for under 2000 subscribers (Which is more than enough for a small business)
If you should ever come in to contact with a problem, don't worry – they also have a very comprehensive Q/A system and a very good helpdesk solution.

3. Side-by-side SEO Comparison 

Every business has competition, yet every online competition is easily analyzable and comparable. The Side-by-side Comparison tool from IMninjas is a very useful tool for stacking up your website against all others you find, that may be in your way in becoming the number one salesman for lawn mowers in Sydney (or something like that).

The comparison tool takes the websites you insert and drills down to their core. Exact way that a search engine would "understand" your website.

Then it presents you with a side by side analysis report for each website you chuck in there so you can compare your website against your competitors and make better SEO decisions that will again help you rank better.

4. Klout 

"Klout" in the very core of it's being, is an article marketing website. It's just re-imagined and pumped up.

And this doesn't mean it's just a re-fabrication of e-zine.com or a mash-up of e-zine.com and facebook (which it kind of is). But it's also a very powerful tool for making a stand, in a certain subject or niche.

If you are well familiar with online marketing or lawn mowing or whatever the niche may be, you can start a "Klout" account and start writing away on your favourite topic.
Some of the extras of "Klout" are:
  • Kolout Score – This is a scale from 1-100 that represents how influential you are with your topic/brand/business
  • Klout Influence – This is measured in response to your activities and posts. Whenever people respond or share your input, that's influence. Basically, the more people you affect with your articles, the bigger is your influence.
  • Klout Perks – Perks are sort of rewards that work inside Klout. If you have a certain amount of Perks, you can receive real life prizes from different companies.
So, if you want to become an "expert" in your desired business field and gather a following, this is a fairly important place to check out.

5. Pinterest

"Pinterest" is again nothing very new in the market but it's widely spread and used as a social sharing platform. For marketers and small business owners, this is a goldmine.

With "Pinterest" you can "pin" certain things that interest you on a pin board and share those things with other people who are on "Pinterest". This creates a certain "buzz" around a niche, topic or a media file.

"Pinterest" mostly focuses on images, video and other visual content than simple articles. But this is also why it's so good.

As you might already know, visual content is way easier to grab and go through than simply written content. Plus, images and videos make a longer lasting impression.

So whenever you have an idea for an article, consider making a video that represents that article with some voiceovers and moving images. If the content is valuable, the execution of the video is not so important.

6. Hubspots Marketing Grader

This one is a real keeper. Although you have to opt-in to get the service, you don't actually have to enter your real e-mail for this to work, you will get the results anyway.

But for optimum performance, I would suggest to get in with your real identity. This is good because the website will start sending you updates on your website from time to time, to tell you on what you have upgraded and what has happened with your site.

The "Hubspots Marketing Grader" will tell you very much about your website (and possibly 40-70% of stuff you didn't know you had to do) on what to do and what not to do. Whether you are doing something right or hpw right you are doing it.

Just try it out and see the results for yourself, it's free and it's very much worth it.

(I personally learned 4 new things using this nifty free application – and I know my SEO)

7. Master Monitoring

I left the best thing for last. This is hands down, the ultimate monitoring software available online to date.

This software merges all of your online activities in to one spot. You can just log in to one website and see all of your analytics data, e-mail clients, social media etc all in one window.

It's very intuitive and the website offers some training videos that help you pass the learning curve in the blink of an eye.

Here are just some applications that "Master Monitoring" offers:
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Adwords
  • Google Adsense
  • Mailchimp
  • SEOMoz
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • SendGrid
  • Constant Contact
  • Custom HTML windows
  • Iframe (For unsupported applications
  • Gmail
  • Google Alerts
  • Google Trends
  • Pingdom
  • Etc…
There are a ton of more applications that you can insert there but the list would be too big.

Additionally you can highlight (open a separate block) for any of the applications. For example you can show every piece of Google analytics in a different block, so you have everything in sight at once.

That goes for Facebook also. You can segment everything: likes, views, votes, campaigns etc.

The registration does come with a subscription, but the subscription also provides you with updates about the software and some useful insights on SEO in general.

So if you are serious about your internet marketing, this is a no brainer – go and get the free account, while it's still free.

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