Just in case you are a LEGO fan and you missed out on the unveiling of the 'Star Wars' X-Wing Fighter in New York, then you ought to read this piece.

On Friday, in order to celebrate the premiere of the upcoming series 'The Yoda Chronicles' on Cartoon Network, LEGO unveiled a 1:1 replica of the 'Star Wars' X-Wing fighter. The replica is 42 times the size of a normal LEGO set.

The replica measures 43-feet in length, 11-feet in height and has a wingspan of 44-feet. Bottom line - It is the "World's largest LEGO model" ever unveiled.

According to the official LEGO page, "The largest LEGO model EVER was revealed in Times Square today. This massively awesome model is made of 5,335,200 bricks and took 32 designers 17,000 hours to build! It's out of this world!"


For more of these images, make sure to checkout the official LEGO Facebook page.

What do you think about these life-sized LEGO figures? Do share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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2 Responses to 'World's Largest LEGO Model - ‘Star Wars’ X-Wing Fighter Unveiled In New York'

  1. Martyn Taylor Said,
    http://www.e-junkie.info/2013/05/world-largest-lego-model-star-wars-x.html?showComment=1369612400397#c7830221431220446660'> May 26, 2013 at 4:53 PM

    Incredible, outstanding. While we have people who will do this I have hope for all of us. My box of Lego bricks was a gateway in my childhood, to anywhere and in any time. On any world as well as this one. Building this must be so much fun!


  2. Ejunkieblog Said,
    http://www.e-junkie.info/2013/05/world-largest-lego-model-star-wars-x.html?showComment=1369641085375#c1327470142400385767'> May 27, 2013 at 12:51 AM

    Hello Martyn, Thank you for sharing your thoughts with our readers. We are sure it would have been fun for the designers to build as it was for us in our yester years, and also a labour of love.


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