While your childhood may have been relatively computer free, you have to realize that things are different now, and that your kids (if you already have them) or your future kids will have a computer or some sort of cousin, for all of their lives. It is not unusual for kids these days to have natural instincts when it comes to computer. It will seem like they automatically know how to use the mouse, the keyboard, turn on the movie player or know how to play some sort of game. However, as much as your kid knows, or seems to know, it is still your duty as his parent or guardian to make sure that they are using the computer in the right away. After all, a kid who may have less than stellar computer skills may suffer in school, and in his career in the future.

Here are a few things to teach your children, so that as they grow up, they become not only capable, but responsible computer users.

1. Computers and food & drink do not mix-

How many computers have you had damaged because food or drink spilled onto it? From the get go, it is important to make children understand that putting the computer with food and beverages is usually a very bad combination. Teach them to always wash their hands after handling food and before handling the computer. Also, it is never a good idea to take the computer, such as the tablet, onto the dining table. Computer time should not be mixed with eating time. This will also teach your children to talk to you while they’re eating and not simply continue playing games.

2. Internet safety is of utmost importance-

While it may seem scary to them, kids need to realize that there are bad people on the internet. If they are not careful, these bad people could find ways to harm them. With this warning in mind, teach children never to give their information, such as their names, their schools, the names of their parents, and their addresses online. Do tell them that the bad men on the internet may use this to find them and cause harm. Just like we were taught never to talk to strangers when we were young, kids these days need to know that they must never talk to internet strangers too.

3. Never download anything without mommy or daddy’s permission-

There are so many things on the internet that can not only cause harm to the computer (viruses, spam, etc.) but can also be truly dangerous and traumatic for children (pornographic photos and film,  violence). Make it a point to always monitor what your kids are clicking at, and what they are looking at on the internet. It will also be a great help to you to teach them to always run something by you, whether it be a download, or a form they are about to submit. This way their internet experience will always be a safe and pleasant one.

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