Everyone or at least I absolutely dislike when that alarm clock goes off and rattles my sweet sleep. That ain't music to my ears! I hope some of you readers also share my sentiments.

What's funny is that no matter how distasteful a thing is, the human brain always finds a way out to convert their discomfiture into a workable luxury. Well may be that's why we can proudly call ourselves a civilisation.

Coming back to the dreaded alarms, as irritable they are, it is a necessary evil for slumber-mongers like you and me, if you have to be at office bang on time. If you are the boss or manager, being at multiple places punctually is more the demand. So starting off your day on a right note is very important. Besides the usual business of waking up peaceful souls, alarms have become a relevant technological tool in many other domains of life- be it gyms, transport sector so on so forth.

With the boom in design technology, gone are the days of Church bell-like boring alarm clocks. We bring for you some really fun alarm clocks that will shake you up with a right dose of smile.

Here take a look.

1. Work Out Clock

It weights around 1.5 pounds. It won’t stop or shut off until unless you do 30 bicep curls. You can’t cheat this alarm, because it contains motion sensors internally.

2. Blender Alarm Clock

It’s a clock that welcomes you to the real world. Dike the vacation sound for a disharmony of shaking Styrofoam and ridiculous jingles being played concurrently by this retro-style blender.

3. Ban Clock

The specialty of this clock is you have to insert a coin or currency to make it shut up. It has a national debt ticker like display timer.

4. Twist Equation Alarm Clock

To turn off this clock, you need to rotate the numerical dials for solving or completing an equation that makes you come out from a heavy sleep. Displays alarm, date, and time.

5. The Chatter Clock

It comes with a green mouth speaker with robotic voice, gold metallic hair and does not display standard time. Only by pressing the silver nose will you know the time. Crowing like a rooster it flashes its red eyes towards you when the times comes for you to wake up. Press its nose and the hooting stops

6. Clock Man

It’s really a creative clock for heavy sleepers. This chatty Japanese speaking clock will not stop even after you woke up from bed. It greets you, sings while dressing, and even shouts if you are angry at it

7. Super Shaker Sonic Boomer

It’s totally a noisy clock. The 113-decibel alarm is as loud as a jackhammer. If the volume alone is not sufficient, then there is flashing red light and a bed shaker unit that will definitely make you to come out of bed.

8. Laser Target Alarm

Heavy sleepers—increase your hand-eye coordination with this laser target alarm clock even if you are in a half sleep. Hit on the bull’s eye with a laser remote to silence the Laser Target alarm clock when it makes sound. Of course, it’s challenging too if you change the target place in your room daily

So which is your favorite hootie call pick from these creative designs? Leave us a comment.

Stay tuned for more funky design finds with E-junkie.
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