Steve Jobs is credited with popularizing iTunes and what later became a technological phenomena all of its own. But do you know the story behind how the first 25 ringtones on iPhones came about?

Here's the interesting tale that I stumbled upon and wanted to share with you guys.

It was somewhere in 2005 that Steve Jobs was struggling with iTunes. With a bad deal following his Motorola experince and the partnership with Rokr E790 candy bar cell phone, Apple Inc had to recover. The E790 was the first handset to host the iTunes and play the AAC format audio files. The success of iTunes is what helped Apple retain its patent/copyright control over its hardware-n-software products in the future.

Coming to the ringtones, it is reported from some sources that Steve Jobs had a particular dislike for the then famous Nokia tune. Interestingly, the Nokia tune is a 1902-era guitar riff, much popular with cellphone users in 2005. But Jobs idea was to develop high fidelity audio files for his iPhones, not some low sounding beeps and MIDI ringtones.

Steve Jobs wanted the iPhone ringtones to be unique. In fact, his idea was to allow customers to create their own ringtones using the iTunes music files. But it was quite problematic due to the legal entanglements and copyright issues. On one hand Jobs would have had to get approval of recording companies besides the cellphone companies on the others to support this idea. Besides it was impossible to accomplish this feat since the iPhone launch date was approaching quick. The Apple team also filed for annuling these problems with the US Patent and Trademark department but to no avail. The customized ringtone idea was eventually sidetracked.

As a result a collection of unique 25 ringtones, mostly Symphony Orchestra and instrumental riffs, were handpicked for the first iPhone/iOS release. It was only by 2007 that the legal hassles were resolved to bring forth an update of GarageBand in the iTunes as a custom ringtone. Today this easy to perform functionality is inbuilt in iTunes but is not quite known to the usual

How did Apple Inc build this custom ringtone feature on iTunes?

Way back in 2002, Jobs had taken over a German digital audio workstation company- Emagic. It was here that Jobs was acquainted with Dr. Gerhard Lengeling, a doctor-turned-music application programmer.

Unknown to many, it was Dr. Lengeling who helped program the successful LogicPro and GarageBand apps and the hand behind many of Apple's soundscape and audio apps. His genuis in the iPhone mania lies with the software he created  using software instruments. It is believed that the Dr. had a big hand in the first ringtones that were chosen by Jobs. Dr. Gerhard, later went on to become Apple's Senior Director in the Software Engineering and Music Applications department.

These were the first 25 ringtones rolled out on iPhone:
"Alarm, Ascending, Bark, Bell Tower, Blues, Boing, Crickets, Digital, Doorbell, Duck, Harp, Marimba, Motorcycle, Old Car Horn, Old Phone, Piano Riff, Pinball, Robot, Sci-Fi, Sonar, Strum, Timba, Time Passing, Trill, and Xylophone"
Isn't it amazing to know how something like a ringtone that most of us are choosy about, has such a twisty and full of turns story.

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