Google, like its arch rival Facebook is ushering in changes after changes this year. The strategy, at the end of the day is to have a frontal attack and not indulge in subtle maneuvers.

Google's note-taking app- Google Keep just got a calligraphic makeover. Although Google has not made any official announcement, the new font called as Roboto Slab is already available for download to the mobile users. Keep, was touted to parallel Evernote but sadly has not made it big.

Taking on the rivalry in the mobile platform, the newest font is being rolled out in four versions - thin, light, regular and bold.

As reviews point out "Roboto Slab is a slab serif - the main factor differentiating it from the Roboto sans-serif font introduced with Android's Ice Cream Sandwich operating system."The news was in fact investigated and reported by Android blog, with speculations doing the rounds that Google is trying to replace Android's current font- Droid Serif, in its coming OS version (Key Lime Pie).

Check out these pictures showing the subtle similarities between Google and Android's fonts. You can also download the latest font here

Image Credits Android Police

Let us know how you feel about the newest font. You can also check out here many more funky Google Fonts for making your written word more beautiful and attractive.

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