As the trend for the day is, E-junkie sets the ball rolling on this International Women's Day.

The title of the post seems so open-ended. Well that what our male readers might be pondering. And that could just be the million dollar question they ask themselves whenever the ladies in their life- be it mothers, girlfriends, sisters, friends or bosses spin their mini havoc on them.

Now that's enough dose of humor to begin with. Coming to the serious question of women and their roles in the work culture, an interesting study by LinkedIn is what caught our attention today.

The byline of the discussion still remains that the corporate world is pretty much a male domain. But the way women have created their niche in the industry is quite remarkable.

For one, the global economy is bursting off its seams that incorporation of women in the work force has become inevitable. When it comes to technology, the real time boon has been for women. It has helped them blur out the line between work and home so seamlessly. Well I'm sure Madam Meyer doesn't agree on that count!

The study also unanimously concludes that women, all over the world prefer this flexibility. Two out of every three working woman is a mother and being thorough professionals they still prefer to continue working. The sheer motivation that keeps them going is what all of us can learn from.

Another tidbit is that Small businesses are increasingly turning towards women to assume leadership roles. There are women's groups that have taken up the baton to help woemn from all walks of life to become entrepreneurs.

While 3 out of 4 women surveyed believed that they had the essential qualities and factors for balancing out professional and home life, the problems for them really exist when it comes to lack of investment and professional development. No doubt many women head global companies today, but that's just a handful.

The heart of the problem is known and we believe small business is the answer for these women. Adding on to the study, LinkedIn brought out three pointers or avenues of motivation that women can look for:

1.Get career inspiration. Choose someone you admire at your company, check out their LinkedIn profiles and take a look at the steps they took in their careers to be successful.

2.Seek out women mentors. Join LinkedIn Groups for professional women in your industry or region. Make new connections and learn from others.

3.Ask, and you shall receive. If flexibility is an issue where you work, connect with other women on LinkedIn via your own network and utilise LinkedIn Groups to gain advice on how to ask for flexible work conditions. Then, set a plan to present to your manager. You can also research positions similar to your own on LinkedIn to understand the skills required so you can have regular informed conversations about your position.

A Happy Women's Day to all our readers. Keep up the enterprising spirit going!

If you are a woman entrepreneur you can share with us your experiences. For the general audience, we'd love to hear your opinions too.

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