Social media doodlers never seem to stop baffling us. The mounting progress of Artificial Intelligence is solely based on technology complementing the human imagination.

Nothing is impossible anymore, even in reality.

Following this as the leitmotif, the web developer duo of Jamie Forrest and Michael McWaters have been working on a somewhat eccentric business idea. Their business idea derives it motivation not from the living but the dead. And their much hush hushed website -The TweetHereafter, is nothing short of this craze for pioneering the digital darwinism race that we are all caught up in .

By all standards, the 21st century is a age of social media inclusiveness that shapes digital doppelgangers and their endeavors. As history stands evidence, great leaders and their last words have an aura of immortality to them. It is not their deeds as much, but the constant access to their lifeworks that can be resurrected in the digital landscape, is what gives it a soul of its own. So what this basically means is technology has helped preserve the semblance of human life beyond the scope of death, so that the generations that follow-on are
innately linked to an ancestor not only in blood but through a virtual media.

Despite the heavy shadow that the concept may cast on the readers right now, it is a creatively ambitious project. They are working towards building a digital archive of the last tweets of famous persons. This included the recently deceased Aaron Schwartz, singer Jenni Rivera,Mindy McCready. To really pinpoint the origins of the idea, the squabble between conservative blogger late, Andrew Breitbart and McWaters,
was the starting point to craft such a website.

And this is not all. Dave Bedwood, another such aspirant  who wished to keep the lines of communication after death alive, has concieved a project called the LivesOn. Their team indulges in studying the pattern of a person's posts and tweets in the hope of "replicating things" someday. An appointed executor shall be engaged to handle the user accounts of the deceased. His advertising firm Lean Mean Fighting Machine has collaborated with the Queen Mary University, London to flag off the project that "feels evolutionary in a way inevitable that man will use technology to somehow live on".

These trends are fast catching up with people who are actively signing up with such digital enterprises to sum up their entire existence with precision.

While some may consider this business idea as truly progressive but the flip side of the coin is seldom noticed. It is a cathartic realization that human beings have started treading a road that is so tightly bound to social media imagery. For some its the true mirror of society but for others it is digital vanity.

Karl Marx, the 18th century profound social thinker once shouted at his help "Last words are for fools who haven't said enough!". But here its just not  the case. The after life also has a voice now and an image to upkeep.

Such are the dearies of social media madness that's engulfing us beyond the purview of sanity. We should use this technology, no doubt, but exploitating it limitlessly is not a option we suggest. That's outright addiction!

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