The SXSW Interactive is an event for startups and pro's alike in the digital world. From high end tech launches to influential talks, the event this year also is simmering much heat.

The stand out thing this year has been the flow of things. The focal shift has been in pondering "how" things work to "why" use technologies. An interesting point of view, must say.

In an earlier post this month, we spoke of Digital Darwinism and technological handicaps induced into human behavior. The Interactive too has caught on this wind appropriately.

Steven James Synder, a tech contributor has beautifully laid down what the heart of the event is, what start ups need to keep abreast with and why the event is such a gaga affair for the techies all over.

Started in 1987, SXSW is a event that  is hosted by SXSW Inc., that plans and executes conferences, trade shows, festivals and other events.

What stands out the most about this spring time event is its sheer ability to generate interaction among the members of the fraternity and acts as a great platform for startups to launch themselves on the big stage.

An industry analyst present at the show opines that "Technology has brought about a wave of interest in devices  that will change the way consumers work. People are thirsty for interaction beyond the keyboard and mouse".

To talk about all the aspects of the 9 day long event is nearly impossible. So we picked out the 5 best trends that define this year's event:

1. 3D printing:

The advancement in 3D printing technology has grown so much so that in a few years it may be possible for consumers to be able to print out designs from home itself. This may seem like a deal breaker for some, while others might just make a business out of those who faze out. The 3D printing panels on display at the event is focused on creating a sub culture of technological DIY. Tina Roth Eisenburg's Sunday session and
controversial 3D gun printing collective Defense Distributed are the storm-breakers of the event surely.

2. Self Help :

The focus of SXSW 2013 is potentially identifying the consumer as a "entity" that needs to be safeguarded in the face of a growing technological bubble. Interestingly, the cause of concern is also the solution in this case. Consumer-centric technological usage is what the theme is, with tracking devices like blood glucose meters in your iPhone, and bras that can detect signs of breast cancer, that will help detect diseases and expand human life spans.

3.Wearable Technology:

The primary focus of many discussions and product launches will be to show how technology is becoming an extension of the human body per say. From self trackers to Google Shoe and iPhone devices, companies are putting in all their armor on display here. However, the constructive dialogue is what adds meaning to this event.Otherwise it would have been like any ordinary product launch show.

4.Technology of Space:

Space has always been a mind-bender for the human race. With the increasing privatization of the space departments, a close nexus between public and private companies with technology as the secular cog in between, is the trend.Jeff Kluger of the Apollo 13 acclaim is all set to deliver his thoughts on "Space Tech after NASA: Boom Times For Innovation?". 

5. Women In Business:

In a peculiarly male dominated niche, women are slowly carving their ground with equal merit. Ina interesting tete-e-tete on Saturday, Anne-Marie Slaughter,a writer kicked off a session foe "Why Women Still Can't Have It All?". In a typically feminist tone she opined that  "We systematically disadvantage caregivers everywhere. We gotta say to guys, 'You get to be more engaged fathers. You get to have more time at home and more flexible time' [so moms can work]." Well that's the voice of a silent battle that has been going on for decades, but women are not far behind in any sense in the filed of entrepreneurship.

Think about these raging trends and share with us what caught your attention the most and why. We'd love to hear some candid opinions.

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