Disney characters epitomize for most of us the pre-teen dreams of the perfect life and hero-prototypes.

Who would have thought that Disney would recreate its old magic again by moulding its epic character flicks in the contemporary mode. Yes, its true.

For many it may be a spoiler of the perfect picture but the idea is to play around a litle and spook its own classics. Mashable reports that Disney has titled its revamp venture the "Oh My Disney".

Done as a fun-filled project by the Disney banner, the underlying motive is branding. That's the point to note. Don't they say "out of sight, out of mind". Disney pictures symbolizes the perfection of animated movies for all age groups- kids, teens and parents alike. This is what is at the heart of Disney's appeal and constant popularity for the scores of years.

Added to their pre-existing status in the industry, the Disney team constantly reworks to be socially active. With their latest move, that uses social media to the best for spinning the old magic, is a great example for businesses to learn. It's like serving old wine in a new bottle; the core material is the same, just repackaged in a better way.

Known for their quality content creation prowess, the site-Oh My Disney, is doing its small part in building the client base. The company's senior Vice-President, Mark Walker shared the company's thoughts on this move."We were looking for ways to deepen our connection to our large social audience.This was a natural extension of the content we’re already developing for channels like Facebook, YouTube, and Tumblr."

To upkeep its tradition of great storytelling, the company has over the years scaled the social media platforms so well that branding campaigns like these seem to add another touch of fun to their endeavors. I prefer to call such a strategy 'Emotional Branding'.

Captivating the imagination of the audience and recasting it again is no easy task but Disney just did it! To add weight to their success story, since the company went social media savvy in 2009, its Facebook presence alone has grown to more than 500 million.

So businesses here's an important lesson to pick up. Business is all about appealing to an audience. Being practical is all good to scale the set verticals but never take the emotional quotient out of the loop.

Check out these Disney re-casts of popular flicks. Enjoy the spoof.

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