When it comes to smartphones most of us think of the sleek design or its usability quotient based on the inbred services it allows a user.

But have we imagined or rather re-imagined the transformation of the QWERTY keyboard innovation in it?

Most obviously no. Why? Because we enjoy the regular staple style typing methods.

Now imagine this: How would it be if smartphones allowed users to type sloppily yet send out the correct message or response?

A Toronto-based company, Whirlscape has just performed this feat. The tech start-up has developed a one-dimensional keyboard-Minuum, that "frees up mobile screen space while allowing fast, accurate typing."

The CEO and lead designer, Will Walmsley explains that their "Minuum" keyboard is designed in such a way so as to "enjoy delightfully fast, sloppy typing."

Part of a research team at the University of Toronto, Minuum keyboard is  an attempt to break free of the old and mundane style of typing continuum that exists in most QWERTY keyboards.

The new virtual keyboard promises to do away with the traditional three rows of alphabets of a standard QWERTY keyboard.

In a nutshell, this latest addition to the chain of wearable technology offers the following advantages:

1. Saves more than half the touchscreen space, unlike the traditional keyboard

2.Facilitates fast and accurate texting while typing sloppily.

3.Letter magnification allows people with large fingers to type precisely.

4.Brings out all the essential requirements of a keyboard- punctuations and toolbars in a uncluttered format on the screen.

5.It allows the user to type anywhere on the touchscreen.

This Minuum keyboard is but a part of the larger Minuum Project that aims to improve the quality of wearable technology in the future. The Canadian startup is currently under the patronage of Indiegogo crowd-funding campaign. They aim to raise a $10,000 from March 18th to April 17th, 2013 for both Android and iOS users. However, it is suggested that the functionality on Android is better than iOS, since the latter cannot alter the default keyboard without the Company-designed app.

As of now the campaign has garnered $27,500.To add the right touch of advertising gig, contributors pledging a minimum of $5 are being promised an early access to Android users.

The company spokesman informed the media that the keyboard's beta version will exclusively be available for techies and journalists for a user- response by June 2013.

As Tech Crunch informs, "the goal is to work direct with OEMs to get Minuum in front of as many users as possible. If it can deliver on its promise of flexibility and cross-platform functionality, it should have no problem attracting suitors once it launches."

We wish their campaign a heartfelt success.

You can check out Whirlscape's video outlining the features in detail, below:

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