In February, my sister uploaded a short fiction eBook and sold 541 copies in just 25 days – mostly on Amazon. She earned over $1,100 dollars. The eBook was a short romance of only about 65 pages; a "novelette" she called it. And, it only took her approximately a week to write. She priced it at $2.99, netting $2.09 from Amazon for every copy sold.

3 Reasons I Believe Short Fiction eBook Sales are Only Going to Grow

When it comes to the question of "how long should an eBook be to sell," many get the impression that you have to publish a full-fledged novel to make sales. As my sister's modest self-publishing success story illustrates, this isn't the case.

Following is why I believe this trend will continue.

1. The Way We Consume Info Is Changing: With the advent of e-readers like the Kindle and Nook, we have thousands of choices in reads. In my opinion, this makes us a bit of a schizophrenic reading society; kind of like what happened when the TV remote controls became popular.

Who watches one channel anymore? I know I don't. I'm constantly flipping back and forth.

I say all this to say, short eBooks appeal to the "small doses of many different things" in all of us these days. You can finish a 65-page eBook in one sitting; whereas a full-length eBook may take five, six or seven sittings – sittings you may never get to.

2. Short Fiction eBooks are Great Time Killers: I lived in New York City for almost 20 years. Of course, I took the train (subway) like everyone else. And what did I do on the train? Mainly read and/or listen to music.

Short eBooks are great for filling in gaps of time like this, eg, at the dentist office, waiting for your friend at a restaurant, waiting for your boyfriend at the coffeehouse, etc.

3. Short Fiction eBooks are Great for a Busy Reading Public: This may be the number one reason I believe short fiction eBooks are only going to grow in popularity. Most of us are too busy these days to devote time to finishing novels of 200, 300 or 400 pages. I know I am!

In the comments section of the post, How Well Does Short Fiction Sell in eBook Form, readers echoed this sentiment over and over and over again, i.e:

The author of the post, Lindsay Buroker said, "I've found a couple of novellas I've enjoyed, too, since getting my kindle. I'm so busy these days that I don't actually mind shorter stories."

Reader M.S. Jackson wrote: "I am a very busy fellow and I have found that either a light easy read, or a novella are only bit [sic] of reading I can get in these days. I have an iPad with literally dozens of novels in my 'to read' cue, but the short stories are the ones that I devour at any regular rate."

And finally . . .

Author Declan Conner, chimed in, writing: "Lunch Break Thrillers, a compilation of 12 short stories, has exceeded my expectations. It jumped straight in to the charts for its category at number 4 in the UK and has stayed in the top ten ever since."

What an Increase in Short Fiction eBook Sales Means for Aspiring eBook Writers / Self-Publishers

Get that eBook out of you! You don't have to devote three months, or a half year, or a whole year to finishing a full-length novel.

eBook Marketing Tips from a Self-Publisher Who Sold 541 Copies of Her eBook in Just 25 Days

As I said, my sister wrote her eBook in about a week. She published it on February 3rd, and by February 28th, had sold 541 copies. Not bad for an eBook she said that just "poured out of her." FYI, learn more about her self-publishing / eBook writing success (she gives some great eBook marketing tips, as well as some fiction and non-fiction eBook writing tips).

With self-publishing profits creating eBook millionaires, who's to say you can't "short" your way to publishing success!

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Yuwanda has written and self-published over 50 eBooks. If you found the info here insightful,  get more in the complete self-publishing package -- which will help you not only learn how to write an eBook in just a few days, but gain insight into how to effectively market it so you can start getting sales within a week – really! Feel free to contact Yuwanda with your eBook writing and self-publishing questions.
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    Great article, Yuwanda. I am a publisher/soon to be of both short and long form fiction, because I read and write both. They both have advantages and times when they make the most since. So why not have them in my publishing mix?


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