The week is indeed turning out to be interesting.

First it was the SXSW 2013, Google's Street View Privacy breach case, Google Reader soon to go dud, Lenovo's BBM takeover bid and now this.

Netflix team officially launched the much awaited "Netflix Social" feature. As most users would know that Netflix is a great video streaming-cum-sharing site with the larger family and friends at one go.

The company started out "subscription-based digital distribution service in 1999" with a fan following of over 26 million, globally.

It is a wonder that Netflix took so long to go social on the largest social media site of the times-Facebook. Well the Achilles' Heels in this case was surely the Video Privacy Protection Act. The predated law inhibited the company to enable this "social" feature but new amendents that have followed this year, annul these restrictions.

Under this latest Social sharing move, the users can view as well as share the Favorites viewed by "Friends". However, the catch is that Netflix accounts are not individual profiles like other social media sites. Taking view of the different tastes of a larger family, this feature is inhibiting as well liberating in the same go.

Netflix is currently working on eliminating this glitch. Netflix's user profiles feature is what the supposed answer we are looking at.

The company spokesperson informs that the U.S users will be able to start using this Social feature by the end of this week. That's quick, really!

Catch this demonstration video below, outlining all the latest changes and options on diposal.

So what do you think-Will this add to Netflix's popularity or not? Leave a reply in the comments section below.

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