With the SXSW 2013 rolling out a wagon load of interesting and weird wearable technology, we too stumbled upon something something absolutely mind boggling. Literally!

Most inventors and techies love to call a gadget their brainchild. Well it seems the ever curious and eccentric Japanese have taken that too seriously. Its a Mind over Matter case.

What are we getting at here?


A Japanese company called aptly Neurowear unveiled its latest collectible in the wearable technology- Mico.

Mico are headphones invented by the firm that promises to play songs based on a person's mood. The headphones are installed with sensors that detects nerve signals to gauge the user's mood pretty much and transfers it to the iPhone via Bluetooth.

Seems like a typically Japanese idea to go ahead with this wonderful gadget.

The Tokyo-based company is committed to "communication for the near future" by designing protypes "based on biological signals such as brain waves, heartbeat".

While still not out in the market with full clearance, Neurowear has made an official statement "Mico frees the user from having to select songs and artists and allows users to encounter new music just by wearing the device. Our app then automatically plays music that fits your mood.” 

As part of its global advertising campaign Neurowear is currently looking to partner with Spotify "to create a larger neuro-tagged library".

So if you too believe in their tagline "music inspiration from your subconsciousness", catch this video below for more insights.

Leave a reply for us if you are excited to undergo the promised musical revolution with Mico.

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