We are all practically a generation breeding on smartphones and WhatsApp. Like the letter and postcards fazed out eventually, the scenario seems the same for Short Service Message(SMS).

In fact, the industry analysts themselves started predicting the demise of SMS as early as 2011 with WhatsApp taking over the mantle of communication. Despite the increase in the volume of SMSes in general, it was Instant Messaging that was all the rage.

To go by a few number charts, WhatsApp is practically used in more than 100 nations with more than 100 million daily users across 750 mobile networks! But that's just some fancy numbers, right.

Coming to the real time question as to why WhatsApp is suddenly such a phenomena among teens and executives alike.

Shilpa Shree, a analyst, writes that "It’s true that WhatsApp is only for Smartphone platform. And, as whatsApp is free why would a Smartphone owner use SMS. This definitely means that as the adoption of Smartphones increases, usage of WhatsApp too increases and curtails SMS and Instant Messages usage."

Taking the crude stats, as of December 2012, WhatsApp is said to be catering 18 billion messages a day. Pingdom , a web hosting company, released its own report predicting that if "the same numbers of messages were to happen every day. As you can see, one single IM-service would then come close to challenging SMS."

Some countries like Netherlands are said to have decreased their SMS services with the entry of third party messaging apps taking over.

To zero down on the titillating question of WhatsApp's popularity, the smartphone amounts upto 18%of overall mobile based subscriptions, globally.

The survey further affirms that

  • The company's shares will continue to remain flat well unto 2018.
  • Samsung, a canny contender will dominate. Besides this, smartphones would account for nearly half of handset shipments by 2014.
  • 2.4 billion mobile handsets will be shipped by 2018 and of these 69% of sales will be that o Smartphones.
  • By 2017, smartphones will flood the markets to nullify the "luxury" tag of these handsets.

Now that was too much math, said and done! The real heart of the matter is the question "why". Price is all that matters and people really don't want to pay high end amounts for a messaging service not in this age.

Moreover, WhatsApps has managed to beat other local small time start ups like WeChat, Kakao Talk and Line, to name a few.

If you are a WhatsApp user too, do share with what makes it so endearing to you as a user by leaving a reply in the comments section below.

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