The cliched Shakespearean one-liner "What's in a name?" has a profound meaning. It is an intended pun, almost poking fun at people who like to undervalue things. Thank God, the English lessons at school aren't being wasted. I sure picked up a few literary devices.

Don't you wonder why 30 or 50 odd years ago we never heard the now popular names like a Google or Nokia or Maggi or Adidas, when somebody spoke of businesses? Besides the fact that all these firms have earned their market name, each of them are unique from the sheer point of view of rarity of the origins that inspired their names.

Zooting to the present scenario now. A name- a person's or a company is but a refection of the innate qualities that they want to represent. Therefore, choosing an appropriate name for your company can be a laborious task. Just like parents who take supreme efforts to select a meaningful name for their baby even before it is born, a company is a entrepreneur's baby that is germinating. It needs a name, an identity of its own.

Coming on to start ups, choosing that perfect name that's different and represents the work they want to do, is a fairly time-consuming ordeal.

Here are 5 simple tips to help you do this task. At the end of the day, coming up with that "one" name you want to be known in the market will be a moment of serendipity, but to do a little thinking never kills.

1. Uniqueness

This is probably what businesses are aiming for. To carve out a "name" in the industry, you need a name that has a ring of its own. Not to sound different but having a unique, less than popular name has a practical value as well. The more rare your company name is, it is less likely that people will misspell it. When customers search for a particular brand, your domain name can be act as a natural force attractor.

2. Meaning

While picking out a name for your start up, take a moment to think what meaning does my company want to convey to the audience out there. The important thing is not to pick a necessarily a sophisticated name but a right sounding one. Your company name is a metaphor for your own values and personality, so choose wisely. The owner should try spelling it out  aloud, on phone, to a couple of people just to absorb the ring of it on your mouth.The way one say things also has an aesthetic appeal. Think about it.

3. Origins

This may seem similar to the "Meaning" point. But what we want to say here is that it is not necessary that your company have a story behind it. But having one never kills. Branding and advertising gigs sell precisely due to the fact that company names are funky, relatable and have a compelling story to tell. A quick example that comes to mind right now is that of Nokia, that is named after a city in Finland. A start up called Wakefield, is named after a character from Tom Swift's 1900 novels. The name can be anything as long as it is catchy it works well.

4. Personalization

To repeat the said thing again, a company is an extension of the owner's personality. Deriving the names from your life experiences or people that inspire you gives that silken touch to your venture. To share a personal tidbit, E-junkie is but a reflection of our founder. His thought process is different, he likes making tasks easy for others and is a committed tech lover. 'E' spells all thing electronically viable while "Junkie" signifies an innate passion for things that standout.All things combined and here we are.

5. Practicality

Some simply have a names and others have a name. Catch the difference there. As Oscar Wilde's popular play "The Importance of Being Earnest" character said "there is very little music in the name, Jack"; so make the company's name has a catchy and add some funk. Being too practical about business is outright boring!

So here was some simple logic on the platter. The bottomline is that start ups like a child waiting to be nurtured and dispersed with values. But the process begins with a name.

Do let us know your unique ideas about why you chose a particular name for your firm. Leave a reply in the section below.

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