Twitter's signature prop- the hashtag is soon coming to Facebook.That's the rumor flowing from the Wall Street Journal's office.

Hashtag as most of us on Twitter know is the easiest means to keep all the information on a particular topic binded together. This not only facilitates to produce a good organic stream of content at one place but also enables easy conversation to unfold at the same go.

Facebook's "imitational" move hardly seems surprising,in view of its January launch of the Graph Search feature for its audience. Moreover, this is not the first time that Facebook has been inspired to incorporate its rival's popular feature.

In the past, Facebook mimicked Twitter's subscribe button to allow users to follow things that are posted publicly. However, the nature of Facebook accounts could well be the chink in the armor.

Tech Crunch spokesperson made a appropriate statement in this context."Unlike Twitter where most posts are public, on Facebook most have some level of privacy. Clicking a hashtag would therefore only be able to show you public posts and those set to be visible to you that mention the tag."

Hashtags are already a feature on Facebook-owned Instagram.

For the commercially-oriented business pages this is stub move if Facebook cannot rectify the glitch. The popularity of Facebook is premised on its openess, that is, be it advertisers, businesspersons or persons looking to socialize can follow or like any page or content without restrictions.

"Historically, Facebook has come first for advertisers and Twitter has been a nice add-on," said Debbie Williamson, an analyst for eMarketer. "Twitter has been more aggressive."

For advertisers, opting more and more for mcommerce, Twitter is a ready option as shows the revenue figures. According to eMarketer, this year, Twitter is likely to make about half a billion dollars through advertising as against a $851 million by Facebook.

In a nutshell, the hashtag idea seems a good idea for starts but how Facebook works around it to amalgamate the scores of information pages is a gargantun task.

Do let us know your views about a Facebook with hashtags? Will it improve your user experience in any way? Leave a reply in the section below.

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