"Keep a thing seven years, and you'll always find a use for it" -English Saying

Twitter just turned 7 years yesterday. In a industry where competition is so virulent, having 500 plus million users is not a easy task.

On this esteem occasion, it is time to ponder over the fact that what makes it so special from other social networking and micro blogging sites?

Well the most important endearing aspect of Twitter is that it has made the articulation of ideas more precise. Don't they say "short is sweet". Twitter with its 140 character thoughts is the like hitting a target in point blank range or completely going off the bulls eye; there's no middle ground.

Seven years of roaring success on the Internet is a feat in itself ,what with new startups and existing firms constantly innovating themselves to stay ahead. Twitter has had its share of controversies and pitfalls no doubt, but it still remains candidly a popular among the celebrities, politicos and techies alike.

Today we share some of the lesser known facts of Twitter for our readers here.

1.Twitter was almost a dead letter had it not been for a stroke of plain luck. Back in 2006, a hackathon competition by a company Odeo, that sold audio, was detrimental to giving birth to what we know as Twitter today.

2. All great ideas are born at the most unusual of places. If it was the Apple that hit Newton to bring about his wisdom,Twitter has its origins in a playground. In a San Francisco park, Jack Dorsey randomly popped a "idea so simple that you don't even have to think about it-you just write". A multi-million dollar firm is the brainchild of this thought.

3. A person's first and last words hold a special meaning. In a time when no one knew how to articulate their views in the 140 framework, Twitter's first tweets were as simple as "Just set up my twttr". In fact Dorsey's first tweet on March 21, 2006 had as many as 8900 retweets.

4.People are obsessed with the "how many" quotient. In Twitter's case, the most followed user account is that of Justin Bieber with 36 million followers. Hootsuite, a social media company has a whopping following potential of 1.1 million accounts with YouTube being the most followed brand. A Japanese girl virally tweeted as many as 36, 402, 262 tweets before Twitter actually suspended her user account.

5. Twitter assigns a Blue badge to its authentic user accounts that amounts to 47, 815 as of now. However, its own CEO Dick Costolo's accounts is not one among them.

6. Twitter's signature mascot is its chirpy little bird. Did you know it has a official name too? Called as Larry Bird, it is named after basketball legend Larry Bird of Boston Celtics. Twitter's co-founder Biz Stone was a big fan of the star growing up in Massachusetts.

Simple yet interesting facts about a social media site that almost all of us use daily. Seeping into its inner annals on its 7th anniversary gives all of us a heart warming feeling and inspiration to pursue our business goals with gusto.

We wish Twitter many more years of flowering success and Twitteratti the credit for making it a brand that's worth banking on.

Here's a video about their 7 year journey so far.

Happy Birthday to the "140 King" again!

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