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Posted: 3/25/2013
"If you want more information, you provide it to them. If you want to create a feeling of trust, you offer it first. If you want to foster a cooperative attitude, you show it first. By acting first, you get to set the tone for the type of workplace relationships you want" - Robert B. Cialdini, author of Influence : The Science of Persuasion.

Content creation has become so essential a tool in the framework of Ecommerce, that it can be sufficiently called as the second arm of business tactics today.

Guest Blogging for most of us might be a new concept but actually it has been around for quite some time. The simple idea that propels the concept is "visibility". Yes, that's the catch phrase.

This may be understood as a open platform needed by both the author as well as the product/company that they are trying to make visible. While successfully running one's own website/blog is the first essential step,  guest authorship becomes the next logical follow-up.

A small point before we discuss the actual myths about guest blogging. The two terms "freelancing" and "guest blogging" are often used synonymously ; which shouldn't be done. They are co-related but not the same.

Freelance writing comes under the category of paid content creation while guest authorship, in most cases, is an unpaid and non promotional, voluntary contribution to other websites. Freelancing is but another way of earning a livelihood working outside the confines of a office, while guest authors work on a dual front. While they may have their own company running, they just might take up the voluntary job for reasons as simple as passion for a particular thing to as specific as advertising.

Now coming to the real issue at hand. The myths!

Guest blogging is a happening business expansion tool. When something sells like hot cakes, there will obviously be mystery and drama surrounding its success and failure, alike.

1. Guest blogging = Self Promotion

The most commonplace myth that surrounds guest blogging is the air of doubt as to why would anybody create content for another, that too free of cost. A valid point indeed. But business is not all about money. On the flip side, the important cog in running a business is the ability to influence the audience.

Guest blogging is the best weapon to capture minds. The Internet is a wide space and people are always on a look out to clarify their doubts. Tips and pointers circulated by such posts actually help a lot. So far as the hosting website is concerned, it certainly adds that touch of authenticity to their credentials, as more and more professionals choose to contribute to their site.

In short, positive influence helps in branding and networking.

2. Guest Blogging = Google Dislike

Another popular myth is that guest blogging is all about link building. Yes, that is a essential step involved in the process. But it is not the end all and be all!

As a Google webmaster trends analyst John Mueller points out a valid fact. He started his blog but was not earning the expected returns since "it obviously won’t rank in Google because none of the reputable blogs are currently linking to it. Therefore, I am actively writing guest posts on other blogs as that gives me a chance to get a link from them."

However as an important wisdom, he suggests that building one's own website is more important so that when visitors come to your site, they are assured of authentic content.

As a natural step, Google is reportedly said to devalue the links that a guest author may post since they are unnaturally generated.

Well no need to fret much. The only answer to bust this myth is quality content and no spamming. If these two points are followed no Google ranking can ruin your business.

3. Guest Blogging = Loss of Identity

This could probably be the most baseless myth surrounding guest posting. While the earlier two myths are based around writing and content creation, guest posting is all about acceptance based on compatibility. In other words, a marriage of convenience.

While the content may not come with the tag of adding originality to the hosting website, but the very fact that top sites like Mashable or Tech Crunch also run on this schema, shows that guest posting is not a negative activity at all. "Guest posting is what makes those blogs so powerful. It’s what adds variety of perspectives and styles."

The real essence to successful guest blogging is to maintain strict editorial standards. The risk of dual reputations- website and the author, is at stake.

Having looked at some of these important myths that surround guest blogging, we cannot conclude the topic in shades of black and white. For most sites, yes, guest blogging is a hit while for others it hasn't been so bombastic. But the bottomline is that it does attract a good traffic to any site that hosts guest write ups,because anticipations of quality content never die.

Do let us know your thoughts and opinions about guest blogging by leaving a comment in the section below.

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