In a storm-breaking news, atleast for the blogging and content creation crowd, Google announced that it will be axing off Google Reader by July 1st, 2013.

Our first reaction was extreme astonishment. Reading the reactions of our fellow competitors in the business, the opinion is indeed unanimous- Google is in a delusional trance!!

Google may be the Big Daddy of the social media world, but this spring cleaning move is not going down too well.

Statistics and crude data may have indicated that the RSS technology was fast dying its own death. But that's just numbers generated from a system. We as a ecommerce business can positively vouch for the fact that Google Reader has its own share of fans.

What with the expansion of social media sites like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and others, while "RSS as a technology is too nerdy, too behind-the-scenes and lacked general consumer appeal. Nobody ever took RSS under its wing and “mentored” it."

It may not be the mainstream technology but it certainly survived in the shadows precisely due to the fact that publishers and content strategists survive on it. Since its launch in 2005, Google Reader has been the platform for this small crowd to build their consumer lobby.

From the consumer's angle, RSS was a blessing in disguise, since it allowed people to follow their favorite websites easily.

But in a clean stroke move, Google has annulled all these variables.

"RSS is a dead technology". That's a fact written on the wall. Besides a handful of us nobody will really be much affected by this move. With alternatives available for streamlining content on the web, by the likes of upcoming startups, ecommerce businesses have to start looking towards them for keeping up their traction up.

This is a last blow by Google to faze out a dying technology since last year. Tech Crunch reports that "In fall 2011, it announced it would remove the built in social integration and integrate the service with Google+. Hundreds of angry commenters posted their grievances at the time." 

Added to this general mood of despair, Google is on a serious dismantling drive despite petitions and movements against its move. But to no avail.

The other victims of Google's spring cleaning exercise will be

  • GUI Builder and five UiApp widgets for AppsScript (September 16)
  • CalDAV API for non-whitelisted developers (September 16)
  • Google Building Maker (June 1)
  • Google Cloud Connect (April 30)
  • Google Voice App For Blackberry (next week)
  • Search API for Shopping (September 16)
  • Snapseed Desktop for Macintosh and Windows (today)
Its a done deal, so businesses let's start looking ahead rather than mulling over Google's apocalyptic move.

All that we can say is R.I.P Google Reader!

What are the other alternatives that can be tried out and why did RSS died a sorry death? Stay tuned with us to find out answers to these questions.

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